Objections Against Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is blocked or banned here in Singapore for the simple and obvious reason – it encourages blatant disregard of values and morality. For people who are not familiar of Ashley Madison, this is an online dating website that encourages married people to have an extra marital affair and commit adultery. The MDA (Media Development Authority) finally announced that it has obstructed public access to the said website. Previous reports confirm the launching of the website will push through soon but it seems that it will not.


The government mean well but there are others who protested because of the blocking of the website. There are groups that think that this is a simple form of curbing their freedom. Whatever point of view you are coming from, it is important that you pay attention to the benefits of the ban. One of its benefits is fulfilling your role as a good parent or in other words, good parenting. Good parenting means:

Influencing Your Child’s Behaviour

You cannot influence or create a positive impact in the life of your kids if you have an adulterous relationship. When you discipline your child, it will always go back to your shortcomings. As a parent, it is your responsibility to raise good children.


Being a Role Model

You cannot be a role model if you know deep down inside that you’ve done something terrible. Your children need a strong role model that can influence them of good behaviour. Remember that you are the basis of how your children acts and reacts. Do not give the impression that it is okay to be adulterous as long as you are happy.


If you are thinking about your partner and children, you will understand where the government is coming from. If you forget about adultery and focus more on being a good parent and partner, things will be better and easier on your part.  

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