Ideas for Designing a Small Kitchen for an Apartment

You do not need to own a mansion to have a fabulous kitchen of your own. With these ideas for small kitchen spaces, you will want to invite friends over regularly to show it off.

Kitchen tools as décor. You do not need to add unnecessary items to the kitchen to decorate it. Use the kitchen tools you already have. Maybe you have racks, plates, knife sets, etc. that will match the texture and color scheme of your counter and cabinets.

Green and alive. Adding houseplants is never a bad idea especially if you cannot change the color of the walls. For a small kitchen, it would be better to display your collection of herbs and vegetables in small pots. That way you have decoration and ingredients within easy reach. Place these near windows.

Floating shelves. Cabinets take up a lot of space. With floating shelves, you have storage and display at the same time. Show off your collection of kitchen tools instead of stuffing them in a drawer somewhere.

Mirrors. Installing mirrors in a kitchen might seem like a weird idea but did you know that mirrors can make a small space look bigger? It enhances the effect of light-colored walls and countertops.

Interesting floors. Add some personality to your kitchen by renovating the floors or adding a colorful rug. If the walls look plain, pick a pattern or color that pops out.

More light. A small space with good lighting will appear larger. Add more accent fixtures like mini chandeliers and pendants for a sophisticated look.

Repainted shelves. If you have the budget, have the shelves and drawers repainted so the kitchen does not look plain. Maybe you can match it with the color of your kitchen appliances or match the color of the ceiling.

Custom storage. Sometimes there are awkward corners in our home that we would rather hide like a corner or wall that looks small or disproportionate. You can have a custom-built cabinet or shelving installed so you can maximize what you already have.

Rosy walls. If you are not a fan of bright or dark colors, go for something that is light like rose paint or blush for your walls. You can also have matching countertops.

Monochrome. Black and white looks gorgeous even in a small kitchen. You will even have a lot of appliances and kitchen tools available to match the color scheme. To be effective, make sure that the white color is at the bottom (counters, floor, etc.) while the black color should be above the sink or on the upper kitchen cabinets.

Marble counters. Match the marble with black, white, and gold or bronze colored accents like light fixtures, bar stools, and cabinets to create a sophisticated kitchen.

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