How to Soothe Eye Strain


There are many causes of eye strain here in Singapore. Most cases of eye strain come from your work or activities that you do most. For example, if you are using computer screens too much or when you are reading intensely, you have higher chances of developing eye strain. This is usually not serious not unless you are diagnosed with a chronic one.

Not all people realize they have eye strain until they go and see the doctor. Eye strain is painful and uncomfortable. It is a condition that exhibits different symptoms like headache, twitching of the eyes, nausea, dizziness, light headedness and many more. It is important that you know when you have it so you can do something about it. You need to know how to soothe eye strain when it hits you. Help your eye muscles with the following things:

  • Sleep: Sleeping is the body’s way of relaxing the eyes and all its systems. There is a reason behind it and it won’t do you good if you ignore it. Sometimes you get so busy that you forget sleeping is important. Sleep is good for eye strain. Even closing your eyes for five minutes can make a difference.


  • Splash cold water: Cold water can help the eyes relax and be relieved. Splash cold water on your face for at least three to seven minutes. If you can stand it, try cold water with ice cubes. If you have eye mask or cold compress, put it in the refrigerator before using.

  • Use steaming towel: If you tried cold water but to no avail, you have to use steaming towel instead. It would be better if you put eucalyptus or menthol oil as it can be refreshing.


  • Lubricate eyes: Your eyes should be lubricated and the first thing that you should do is to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water and avoid sweetened or caffeinated drinks. The next thing that you can do is to use artificial tears to moisten the eyes.


  • Massage face: Whenever you feel that your eyes are in strain, do a quick facial massage. This will increase the blood flow thereby relaxing muscles around. Try rubbing your cheek bones first then forehead and temples.


  • Remove contacts: Contacts are not meant to be used during sleep. Contacts can dry the eyes and even stress it even when asleep. The safest thing to do is not to wear it during sleep.

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