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Get Shaved Down There

5-Step Routine to Properly Shave Your Bikini Line
Waxing can be a very painful procedure, especially when we’re talking about using it down under. This is why most of us turn to having our bikini lines shaved, even if results to red, bumpy and itchy skin. But there’s no need to suffer any longer. By using the right products and technique, you can already get your bikini line to be as smooth and sleek as your legs. Achieve all this by just following this five-step bikini line shaving routine.


1. Purchase the Right Razor. The first step to ensure that you get a perfectly shaved bikini line is to use a new and the right type of razor. This way, you’ll avoid getting razor burns, ingrown hairs and skin irritation caused by using an old and dull razor. If you don’t get to religiously change your razor, then make it a habit to swipe its cartridge after ten shaves to prevent dullness. Experts also suggest going with razors that have five blades to get a closer shave even in one swipe.

2. Work With Water. Understand that pubic hair tend to be coarser than regular hair, which is why shaving it dry is a big no-no. So ensure that you always wet the hair every time you’re going to shave them. Doing this will hydrate your hair, making it softer and a lot easier to cut.

3. Use Some Shaving Cream. Other than water, shaving gels and creams also enhance the hair’s hydration and keeps your skin supple after every shave. This will also help you keep track on the area that you already shaved, to prevent going on the same area over and over again.


4. Exfoliate Your Bikini Line. Ingrown hair is a common problem when it comes to shaving, but a good way to avoid it is to exfoliate your bikini line twice a day with a toner. Exfoliating toners are great for getting rid of dead skin cells and ingrown hair, as well as in decreasing the chances of acne from popping in your bikini line. If you happen to already have some ingrown hairs, then use an acne formula along with your toner to nix the ingrown and keep your bikini line smooth.

5. End With a Moisturizer. This is a step than you wouldn’t want to skip when you’re done shaving. Not only will it keep dry skin at bay, it also ensure that you get a smooth bikini line after shaving. Experts recommend that if you prefer wearing a light moisturizer during daytime, then you should use a richer formula at night to help your skin reset.

Bikini season or not, it’s important that you keep your bush perfectly trimmed. Other than making you bikini-ready, shaving your pubic area is also an important part of a beauty routine, so make sure that you shave them right by going with this five-step routine.