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Things to Remember on Your First Trip Abroad

Are you planning to check off the first country in your bucket list soon? Traveling to another country is a lot different from exploring local tourist spots. To ensure that you will have the best time of your life, you need to remember a few things before booking a ticket.

Get a Medical Checkup

You should be updated with all the necessary vaccinations when traveling abroad. You can discuss this after scheduling a regular checkup with your doctor to make sure that you are fit for traveling. You might also want to ask about your health insurance, if you have any, and if your medical expenses will be covered overseas during emergencies. Bring prescription medications because you might not be able to find them easily or the pharmacies might charge higher.

Research About the Place

Updated travel guides are a huge help even if you think they’re cliché. These guidebooks will list the places you need to visit as well as where to dine, shop, and stay. They will also include key words, maps, and the dates for the events and festivals.

Having an adventurous spirit is fine but getting lost isn’t fun at all. You should also be familiar with the local cuisine, so you would know what to expect if you want to try them. Don’t hesitate to ask about the ingredients if you’re not sure what’s in them or to ask the locals for recommendations about affordable places to eat.

If you want to book a hotel or a restaurant or a tour, make sure not to overbook if you’re not going to stay there for a long time. Leave possibilities for changes in your itinerary so you can make the most of your first trip.

Prepare Your Luggage Weeks Ahead

Make a list of the items you will need for your first trip abroad. Include copies of your passport, IDs, and other important travel documents, so that in case you lose them, you will still have a proof of your identity. A lot of travelers also forget to check the voltage of their electronic gadgets.

Some countries have different voltages and plug sizes than the one you probably use at home. You should also pack extra items such as clothes and electronic chargers, but do not bring too many unnecessary items. Check the airline’s rules about packing, checking, and carrying to avoid surprise charges.

Make Sure You Have Enough Cash

You should be familiar with the monetary conversion before leaving, so you will have an idea how much money you will need during your stay. Although cards and banks are available, you should always have local cash with you because not all places can take cards. If you need to have your cash converted to the local currency, you should consider banks instead of the seedy money changer shops to make sure you will receive the exact conversion. Make a list of all the fees during your travel, then set aside money for emergencies.

Flying Cheap with the Best Seats  


For seasoned travellers, we are happy that there are many budget carriers these days. The budget carriers made our travels more often and cheaper. That is truly a blessing. However, there are few problems some Singaporeans encounter when considering budget carriers.


No matter how attractive cheap airfares are, we have to be cautious because there might be some disadvantages. Recently, flyers complain of disruptions and delays. This lead us to believe that low prices also means low service.

Aside from disruptions and delays, we might find ourselves stuck in an uncomfortable seat without legroom. How will we enjoy our trip? Our entire trip should be significant and memorable not uncomfortable and irritable. Fortunately, we can still have the best seats even if we are flying cheap. We either pay extra if we want to confirm where we will seat.


If we do not want to pay more than our cheap airfare, there is still hope in finding the best seats. We can try to check-in early and ask politely that we will be seated in the exit row seats where more leg room is available. Many airlines allow this especially if the seats are available. So, we can take our chances and consider this trick.

If this won’t work and we do not want to sacrifice our flying experience, we should be willing to pay extra for the best seats. Whether we tolerate the flight or not, the important thing is we will reach our destination and indulge ourselves with the sights.

Happy trip! The experience will surely worth it regardless of the transportation.