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6 Ways You Can Become a Better Networker

Having good networking skills has become more and more important over the years. Whether you’re planning to start a business in Singapore or you work at a well-established company, you’ll need to network and get to know a lot of people to improve your career opportunities.

Practice with those you already know

If you don’t have a general idea of where to start, practice speaking to people you already know. This is a great way to get used to networking since you already have an established connection with the other person and you can easily strike up a conversation. It can be a friend whom you haven’t been talking to for a while or maybe a co-worker that you still don’t know very well.

Study and research

More than anything, it’s also very important to do your research. By knowing more about the people you’re trying to connect with, you can at least be confident that you know a thing or two about them. Most of the time, this can actually impress the other person and it can communicate that you’re really interested in getting in touch with them. 

Remember to keep in touch

Probably the most important thing to do in networking is to establish a long and genuine connection. Take time to get to know the person and allow them to get to know you better too. Keep in touch whenever possible! The more you do it, the more likely your interactions will be better in the future. Of course, you shouldn’t do this too much that you’ll already look like a creep.

Value your business card

Firstly, make your business card memorable. Though it’s a small and simple object, it will help you in almost any networking situation. On that note, don’t go handing out your business card to everybody in the room. There’s always that one person who does that. And many people see the act as impolite. What you should do, really, is to hand your card if the other asks for it or after your conversation.

Utilize whatever resources you can

Today, it’s become very easy to network because of the internet and social media. It only makes sense that you take advantage of it as much as you can. But remember that social media is something that should only supplement your face-to-face meetings and not completely replace them. It’s still better and easier to network with others if you interact with them personally.

Remember the value of exchange

Lastly, you should take note of the importance of having a healthy exchange. One of the easiest ways to start a connection is to share your stories and listen to theirs. You’ll have something to learn from them and they will have something to learn from you. This is almost always the reason why you can effectively make a connection with someone.

Things About Your Relationship Should Never Post Online

Don’t make your social media account your relationship page, since not everyone is a fan of it. Sure, it’s nice when other people admire your relationship and consider it as goals. If you plan to be just seen like that, however, then you’re in a relationship for a rather weird reason.

There’s a reason why researchers often say that couples who rarely post about their relationship online are a lot happier than those who do. While it depends and doesn’t totally apply to everyone, there are just a few things that are best kept offline.

Arguments and Problems

If there’s one thing you should never post on any of your social media accounts, it’d be your arguments. If you really need to let some air out, talk to your friends.

Broadcasting your fight online will only make things worse, since some people might chime in on your arguments thinking that they can help. Remember, arguments and problems are bound to happen in a relationship, and you’re the only ones who can solve it – not anyone else.

Intimate Photos

Kissing or intimate photos is a big no-no when it comes to social media. Photos like that shouldn’t be seen by everyone, since it’s a private moment between you two. Also, you can never be sure that your Facebook friends or Twitter followers would love to see a photo of you and your beau doing some torrid kissing.

Details About Your Date

Your relationship is not a drama series, which means you don’t need to broadcast all the details about your date. We’re not saying you can’t post a photo or two about it, just refrain from posting everything. Remember, your date should just be between the two of you.

Personal Details About Your Beau

We understand that you’re so in love with your significant other, and that you want everyone to know just how amazing he is. However, it’s better if your friends find out why you see him that way on their own, rather than posting the tiniest about your partner online.

Things He Wouldn’t Want You to Post

It’s never a bad idea to ask your partner’s permission first before posting anything about your relationship online – even more so if you’re planning on posting something about him. Perhaps you’ll be posting something he doesn’t want everyone to know. If so, respect his decision. Insisting on posting such things will not only start a fight between you two, it could also end up breaking some limits in your relationship.

We understand that you just want everyone to know how proud you are of your relationship, but posting everything online is just too much. Trust us, it’s a lot sweeter when there are moments that only you two know. It’s like having your own world, and that’s what will make your relationship happier.