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How to Save Time on Your Laundry in 3 Easy Steps

Doing your laundry can be a really difficult task, especially when your clothes could get dirty really easily and you need them again in a short span of time.

When you often find yourself taking hours just so you could separate clothes and wash them on different settings, it’s time to look for ways to save you more time on doing your laundry.

Here are a few easy steps you can take to do just that:

1. Set up a set schedule for when you do your laundry
Be sure to discuss with your family members or your flat-mates the exact day or time that you would be doing your laundry. This way, everyone will know when to place laundry in the basket and save you time running throughout your home collecting dirty clothes for washing.

2. Place different colored clothes on different baskets
One of the biggest reasons why laundry can take so long is because of having to sort the white clothes from the colored ones, and the different colors based on how dirty they are. You can solve this by keeping different baskets in your home to place different types of clothes in.

You can even label them to keep everyone from being confused as to which clothes go in which basket, and as soon as you see the baskets fill up, you will know that that’s the time to do your laundry.

3. Turn all clothes inside out
Because darker clothes can fade a lot more easily and prints on shirts can easily get damaged when washed, turning your clothes inside-out when placing them in the basket will save you a lot of time and will keep your clothes better-looking for a lot longer, even after multiple washings.

To make things a lot easier (and save more time), you can also ask everyone at home to tie their socks together before placing them in the laundry basket. This way, no sock gets lost and no one has to dig through piles of laundry just to look for that one missing pair, and your days of having to suffer mismatched socks are finally over.

Calling Your Laundry Service
Having a laundry service in Singapore do the work for you saves you a lot of time and frees you up to focus on more important tasks, and you can count on them for quality service and bring your laundry to your doorstep on time so that you’ll never have to run out of clothes to wear for your next meeting or event, or even uniforms for work.

5 Tips for Adapting to a New Environment

Whether for work or for school or just merely getting some new perspective, moving to a new place can really be a possibility. Getting away from all that’s familiar can be both an adventure and an anxiety. When you’re on your own, it can get both exciting and scary. And it’s just more than choosing how to feel. It’s reality speaking to you, and there’s no denying its tangibility.

So before your anxiety eats you all up, here are a few tips to get you going as you start a new chapter of your life in a new place:

1. Research as much as you can. Since we have online access to most things nowadays, getting ahold of all vital information for your move is a click of a button away. List down important details of the neighborhood you plan to reside in, the basic directions, the nearest grocery and the like. We have apps to help us get through all logistic-related hassle so you’re halfway to adjusting to your new home. List down important phone numbers you might need in your new place. Take note of the schedules you might need such as last trips of buses, operating hours of establishments near you, etc.

2. Be polite to those around you. One step important to letting you adjust to the new environment is to mingle with the people around you. Whether in the neighborhood, school or work, making yourself familiar with and to the people milling around these areas can be a great advantage. It assures them you aren’t a threat to their safety, and vice versa. It allows you to establish networks as early as you can. Who knows, the person you’ve been smiling politely to may be the President of the company you work for or the owner of the building where you reside at.

3. Stay healthy. Since you’re new to the place, you could always be busy with something else other than yourself. You might want to check yourself in the mirror every now and then and ask yourself whether you look more tired and thinner than you usually did. If yes, make time to take care of yourself. Make food a priority, as well as sleep. You can have all the time adjusting once you’ve gotten your health down pat.

4. Go out and explore. One way get to know unchartered territory is by doing ocular visits yourself. Navigate your way throughout the radius of your neighborhood and familiarize yourself with the route. Again, it’s handy to use map apps for this task as you may get lost at one point or another. It’s also a wise move to have someone with you, for safety and navigation purposes. But it’s sometimes good to go see the world in your own pace; it’s always great to tackle a complex task such as navigation all by yourself.

5. Don’t take things personally. Whether in the neighborhood, at school or at work, don’t take things too personally when practices don’t meet your expectations. Remember, you just came into the system, one that’s been established for a number of years before you even set foot in that place. So forgive easily and blend with the norm. Unless the fault is a hazard to your well-being and safety, it’s best to let things slide. Besides, you can always inform them if you can’t take it anymore; nothing can’t be settled over a decent conversation.

3 Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas

The holiday season is a season of giving—but sometimes it can get a bit too hectic. With all the things that you need to keep track of, chances are you’re going to forget a gift for a friend of a friend. But don’t get your tinsel in a twist; here are four DIY gift ideas for your last-minute needs.

1. Personalized Mugs
Give your loved ones something that they can (and will) actually use, with the bonus of a creative, personal touch. Not only are personalized mugs cheap– requiring just an oven, a sharpie and, a mug– they are also very flexible.
To make your own personalized mugs, simply take an oil-based sharpie to a plain ceramic mug, and let sit for a few hours. Then place the mug in an oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 minutes.

To make your mugs extra special, draw things that are special to the person you are giving the mugs to. If you’re not very confident with your illustration skills, you could write out a few lines of songs or poetry. You could even use their favorite book quotes, or lines from their favorite movies.

2. Teacup candles
Teacup candles are a bit more hands-on, but they’re cute and quite cheap. While they take a few hours to make, most of this is spent waiting for the wax to dry (which you can use to do other holiday stuff).

To make teacup candles, all you need to do is to melt candle wax in a pan over medium to high stove heat. Then add a bit of water, candle scent and dye. After the wax has melted, add a candle scent and color.

While the wax is melting, put a barbeque stick on top of the teacup. Tie a wick to the barbeque sticks, making sure that its end is flush with the bottom of the cup. When the wax dries, simply cut off the wax. Simply put your teacup in a box, and voila! You have the perfect holiday gift.

3. Potpourri
For particularly crafty givers, chances are you already have the materials you need to make potpourri. All you need are some dried flowers, an essential oil of your choice, herbs, and spices. Simply add all the dry materials inside a glass container, then add a few drops of essential oil.

For those who want to be extra crafty, try to create a theme to your container. You could make a rose-scented potpourri by using dried rose petals and rose essential oils. You could even make a lavender potpourri of lavender flowers and lavender oil. If it’s looking a little sparse, you could add other trinkets like stones or twine.

Signs That You Are an Introvert


They dub as you as an introvert but you just really do not know why. It is time that you know the character traits or signs of an introvert then you can now identify yourself as one or you are just misread. When you hear about introversion it usually refers to a personality trait that focuses only on your internal feelings rather than focusing on external stimulation.


Introverts and extroverts are often viewed in two opposite sides. Here are some signs that you are an introvert (or someone you know):

If being with a lot of people actually exhaust your energy 

Yes you can socialize if the need arises but if it can be avoided, you just keep to yourself and would rather read a book that go out partying. Do you ever notice that after spending some time with many people, you seem to be so tired and exhausted it is as if the crowd absorbed all you energy.

It also doesn’t mean that all introverts avoid people and social events gathering. Introverts just prefer to spend quality time with friends and other people.

If you enjoy solitude so much

You do not need a crowd to make you alive. If you enjoy solitude so much, you only need a good book, movie or even the whole house to yourself. This does not mean though that introverts want to be alone at all times.


If you have a small group of friends

One common misconception that should be corrected is how other people see introverts. When they see someone alone and quiet, they will think that he/she doesn’t  like people. Yes, introverts do not have myriad of friends but they have close friends that they do great deal of socializing. Introverts prefer long lasting friends instead of myriad and superficial.

If people often label you as quiet

Introverts are often seen as quiet and mellow but sometimes, these traits are mistake for shyness. Yes, some introverts are shy but a majority is only showing reservation. They are not timid or apathetic. Introverts simply think about their words before uttering it and they have no time and energy to waste on small talks and chit-chats.

If too much stimulus leaves you unfocused and distracted

Introverts are sometimes affected by overwhelming activities that they tend to get distracted and unfocused. If you are overwhelmed especially during busy social situations, you should keep calm and never mind what other people say. Introverts prefer a quiet and less agitated setting to focus.

Now that you know the signs of being an introvert, you have to examine yourself. Many Singaporeans are already aware of their introvert-ness.


Positive Effects of Botox—Other Than Diminish Wrinkles


Up until now, Botox is treated like a magic trick: everyone can see its effects, but no one spills the trickery. Now, things have changed, and more and more people embrace the procedure for its many positive side effects—other than improving one’s appearance. Let’s take a look at some of the best side effects of Botox can provide to its users.

female face with wrinkles on her forehead

  1. Prevent Migraine Attacks

It’s not fully understood yet how Botox can help with migraines, but the theory says that the substance used blocks the pain signals from reaching the brain and relaxes the head muscles so they are not as sensitive to pain.

  1. Minimize Sweating

Same with how Botox works on muscles, the substance blocks signals from reaching the sweat glands. If the sweat glands won’t receive signals, it won’t produce sweat. If you tend to produce excessive sweat in your underarms, hands and soles of the feet, you can have the areas injected with Botox.

  1. Make Blowouts Last Longer

Some women who have had Botox injected in their forehead reported less sweating around the hairline, therefore, making blowouts last for a couple of days. Some women in Singapore have taken it a step further and begun getting injected for the sole purpose of keeping their hair fresher for longer by specifically targeting the hairline and the scalp.

  1. Control Acne

Botox help reduce oil production, minimizing breakouts. For total acne solution, you will need large amount of Botox—so large that it will constrict your facial muscles from moving. However, tiny amounts injected superficially will suffice to control oil production while still allowing facial expressions.


  1. Ease Muscle Pain

Studies show that Botox is also effective in reducing arthritis pain. By injecting the substance into certain muscles, it temporary paralyzes them, thus relieving the area of unwanted spasms and aches.

  1. Controls Excessively Active Bladder

Botox has also been increasingly used today to treat patients with excessively active bladder. When it is injected into the bladder, it increases the bladder’s capacity to hold urine. The substance is deemed effective especially to people with spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis, since they typically have overactive bladder.

  1. Relieves Sex-Related Pains

For many reasons, such as tissue abnormalities and pelvic floor muscle problems, some women feel pain when having sex. By injecting Botox in the pelvic floor and perineal area, it relaxes the muscles so pain is totally eradicated during intercourse.

  1. Treating Eye Problems

The FDA has approved that Botox can be safely used for treating strabismus and blepharospasm, the involuntary twitching of the eyelids. Similar to how it works on muscles, Botox—in small dozes–paralyzes the muscles in the eyes.

Botox, for many, is not an ideal cosmetic product, since going natural and embracing true beauty has always been the trend. But with these positive health effects, people will hopefully see how Botox can help manage our health and well-being.


Fragrance Tips for Every Man


Even men can master the art of smelling good. Singapore is a humid country and it is a challenge to smell good all throughout the day. The fortunate thing is there are many fragrance tips for every man to consider.


Here are some tips:

  • Forget that cheap body spray: College days include memories of body sprays. When you are employed, it is time that you forget about it and consider an upgrade. Upgrading the fragrance to something more adult will make you more desirable and respectable – just like your dad.
  • Use scents frugally: If your scents are expensive, that is enough reason to use it frugally. Another thing is if you use too much, you might cause uneasiness to the people around you because of the persistent and strong fragrance. The one standing next to you should only smell you not the people on the other end of the lobby.


  • Choose manly scents: Picking a scent is easy – just go for manly scents like sandalwood. The scent will depend on the season and your personality but as much as possibly do away with scents such as gardenia, lavender and vanilla. The safe choice would be musk, wood or leather scents.
  • Keep options open: There is nothing wrong if you decide to wear one fragrance all throughout your career but you have to consider that fragrance evolves. You have to consider other possibilities and new experiments. It is a refreshing thought changing scents every now and then.
  • Smell like you: The point of fragrance should be more of smelling like you. Do not consider fragrance because you want to attract women. If this is your thinking, you will surely reek of a phony and women do not like that. Just smell like you. It can do the trick.


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