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Talking about New Year Superstitious Beliefs

Regardless of your culture and tradition, there is always superstitious beliefs associated with New Year. In fact, the New Year will never be complete without talking about the superstitious beliefs. Some people choose to believe it. That is their choice. If you believe it or not, it is beneficial if you know some beliefs. This article will discuss some of the superstitious beliefs associated with New Year.


Midnight kiss

Kissing at the stroke of midnight is a popular belief around the world. You should kiss your loved ones because it is believed that if you do not kiss him/her, you will suffer one year of cold relationship. Now you wouldn’t want that.

Settling unpaid bills

It is believed that when New Year comes, all debts should be paid and settled. New Year is about beginning fresh and anything that’s in the previous year should be left there. If you have unsettled bills, make sure to pay it before midnight.


Wear new clothes

If you want a steady flow of new clothes for the next year to come, elders will say that you should wear brand new clothes. Wearing new clothes is indicates a favourable year ahead of you. At the end of the year, you will be shocked that you have an entire wardrobe.

Make loud noises

You will notice that Chinese always welcome their New Year with a bang. Other cultures also believe that making loud noises shun evil spirits that carry bad luck to a household. Aside from that, making loud noises is a bit fun, don’t you think?

Do not damage anything

The elders will remind you not to break or damage anything. If you damaged a thing at the stroke of midnight, you will have a damaging year ahead. Avoid wrecking or damaging anything during the New Year so you’ll have complete happiness.

Black eyed peas

Many people believe that black eyed peas brings good luck. You will see some family that prepares black eyed peas plus turnip or cabbage. It means good luck and lots of money. You should eat some of these so your year will be abundant.

new years day food

There you go. It is up to you to believe some or debunk it. The important thing here is you recognize it and you respect it. New Year is about new beginnings. You have to start anew, forget about the past and look forward to the future but never forget to enjoy the present. New Year brings hope, anticipation and optimism. How to start your New Year will depend on you not on the beliefs or other people. Good luck and may you have a prosperous year ahead!