Your House Painting Choices

Colour is a powerful tool. It can create character, highlight details and bring a positive vibe to a place. Choosing a colour for your home can be one of the most thrilling aspect of the remodelling process. This will allow you to show your personality and set the place in harmony with other furnishings in your Singapore home.

When deciding on what colour of paint to use, your choice Singapore home painting services designer may ask you which furniture in the room you like most. It might be the rug in the corner, the flower vase on the centre table or the throw pillow on your chaise longue and your home painting services from Singapore can also give you advice. Whatever it may be, you have to discuss to your home painting services designer why you love the item. With that, you will have a beginning point in choosing the colour of your home interior.

Choosing Neutral or Subtle Colours
For a strong, choice finished look with a subtle emphasis, painting services Singapore designers doing choose to paint the doorway frames with a shade lighter or darker than the primary wall colours. It doesn’t need to have a complete shift of colour just to catch the viewer’s eyes. Also, adding a metallic glaze with a bit of shimmer to an existing element is your next best choice in highlighting a colour.

Colours That Go Bold
For homeowners who want to go bold, use two different colours in the same room, but make sure that the colours complement each other if you engage home painting services. For instance, you can paint your sitting niche with warm amber orange and then paint your room walls with red. Another option for smaller homes is to paint the rooms with the same or slightly different shades to make an illusion of extended spaces.

Colours Absorb Light From Outside
Light colours absorb darker colours. For example, your white walls can appear a bit greenish when natural light reflects the lawn or tree outside the house. It can also appear a little bluish if there is a blue painted house next or in front of your home in Singapore. During sunset, expect a cast of red or orange colours to your walls. With these factors, you will be shock on how your colour choices will be affected.

Lights Influence Colours
One asset of colour is their ability to adopt and change as the light changes, so take note that your room lights and even daylight will influence the glow of your interior home colour. The colour also changes from room to room and wall to wall depending on how the light will hit them. It’s very important that you must not rush in choosing your house painting colour with home painting services. The best way to choose is to paint a small area of your wall and observe it for 24 to 48 hours. Try to imagine how natural and artificial light will change the colour of your room when visualizing the room you want to paint.

Colour of the Ceiling
It is equally important to carefully choose the colour for your ceiling. The colour of the ceiling will add life to the room since its colour will reflect all over the room’s interior. In most cases, it is best to choose a lighter shade of the wall colour for the ceiling colour.

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