Why You Should Go on a City Break for Your Next Vacation

You deserve a break. Unfortunately, going on a vacation is usually easier said than done. There is planning, booking of everything—from flight to accommodation to dining reservation, budgeting and the most dreadful of them all, packing. Thankfully, there’s what we call a staycation, which offers all the glory of a vacation without the aforementioned awful parts.

If you’re torn between going to the Bahamas or staying in one of the best hotels here in Singapore over the weekend, here are five reasons why we believe the latter is a better choice.

  1. It’s Hassle-Free

As mentioned, you don’t have to hassle to get your much-deserved break. Between getting the time off from work, packing your stuff, booking flights and dealing with the chaos in the airport, the anxiety and stress of travelling defeats the purpose of your break. Meanwhile, on a staycation, stress is pretty much non-existent. Simply put your phone on airplane mode, check in to a fancy hotel, put on that cozy robe, and voila! Your holiday has begun!

  • It’s Cheap

Travelling to faraway places is always expensive. But if you skip the flights and stay somewhere local, you save heaps of money. Do not blow your emergency savings or your wedding budget just because you need a two-day break.

  • Perfect for National Holidays

A quick getaway is perfect for holidays that falls in the middle of the week. So, if you have a one-day off, such as Labour Day or the National Day, you think it’s sensible to fly to Korea and go back home the next day? Of course, not. Staycation is your best option.

  • There’s No Time Wasted

Enduring the travel time is one of the ugly parts of vacation. Staycations, on the other hand, require extremely minimal travel time. Perhaps, the only travel you will need to do is to walk from your couch to your bedroom. With staycation, all of your time is in your hands. The time consumed being stuck in traffic or at the airport can be used doing other activities instead.

  • It’s the Best Time to Explore New Things in Your Hometown

Is there a fancy restaurant you want to try, or a museum you want to check out but is a little bit pricey? Your staycation is the best excuse to spoil yourself a little and try these things out. The whole “be a tourist in your own city” may sound cheesy and unrealistic, but there surely is a lot of things you probably haven’t yet experienced and discovered in your hometown.

These are just five of the many reasons why staycation can be a viable holiday option, though really it is up to you. Seek out what sparks your interest and find places that appeals to you. More than likely, you will find enough reason to grant a one-time staycation here in The Lion City.

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