Why Singaporeans Love Noodles So Much

Noodles have been a big part of our lives as most of the dishes around us involve noodles and it is only fair that we write about noodles. Why shouldn’t we? They are definitely a big part of our diets and our lives.

Noodles are Part of Our Lives
From hand-made noodles all the way to the instant noodle packs we buy at the local store, we can’t help eat noodles every once in a while or maybe even more frequently. It is clearly evident that Asian cuisine has a huge effect on Singapore as not just noodles but other elements find their way into the pallets of the locals.

From the choice of seasonings to the way the food is cooked, Singapore has had a lot of influence from its neighbouring countries in Asia. A good flavored meal is really complicated to describe. Aside from personal preference, there are also a lot of other factors which affect a person’s taste when it comes to flavor.

Why Do We Love Noodles So Much?
It’s hard to find at least a single person who doesn’t eat noodles. Have you tried? Well, you’ll most likely spend a huge amount of your energy looking for the person who doesn’t eat noodles and you might not even find that specific person. Even in the western world, noodles and other pastas have had a huge hold on their cuisines.
Noodles is not necessarily something that only Asians enjoy, it is just mostly associated with us because of the fact that a lot of our dishes involve noodles. Why do you think Singaporeans love noodles? Well, we’ve asked around and we’ve had some answers but none of them were able to fully explain the mystery as to why we celebrate noodles dearly.

Our Favorite Dishes are Noodle-Base
So far, most of the people we’ve asked would claim that Singaporeans love noodles because of its texture and how it gives life to the flavors surrounding it. Well, it’s no mystery that noodles work well with a great number of dishes so maybe it’s safe to say that this is the most accurate explanation as to why noodles are so important in the Singaporean cuisine.

Dishes like laksa, char kway teow, hae mee, and mie goreng alone are proof that there are so many things you can do with noodles. Noodles can be used for so much more so don’t limit your options to soups which are what noodles are famous for. Anyway, maybe it’s time to go to the nearest hawker and get yourself a bowl of laksa.

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