Why Is It Important To Have A Good Posture?


Not all Singaporeans think about good posture. Some are busy with their lives that they do not feel the need to evaluate whether they have the right posture or the wrong one. You always heard about the elders talking about good posture but you still did not heed  their warning or even give it some thoughts.


It is time that you know the importance of a good posture so you will understand. This time, you have to take your posture seriously. When you say posture, it refers to the position which you hold your body erect against the gravity whilst lying down, standing and sitting.

A good posture is your way of training your body to walk, stand and lie where the least tension is placed on the supporting muscles as well as ligaments especially during movement and weight-lifting activities. Remember that a wrong posture can have an implication in your overall health and wellness. You underestimate it and fail to realize how it can impact your life. Proper posture can actually give you the following benefits:


  • It can keep the joints and bones in the right alignment: It is important for the bones and joints to be aligned correctly because it signifies that muscles are used properly.


  • It can prevent further wearing of joints: When joints are worn out, you wouldn’t want to know the result – arthritis. Arthritis is a disorder of the joint that includes inflammation of one or more joints.


  • It can decrease stress of the ligaments: Your ligaments that specifically hold the joints of your spine together tends to be stressed when you do not have the right posture. If you have the right posture, it can help decrease the stress or tension.


  • It can prevent abnormal positions of the spine: If you have the right position, you are helping your spine from becoming static in an abnormal position.


  • It can avert muscle fatigue: When you have the right posture, you are allowing the muscles to be used in an efficient way. As a result, the body will use lesser energy in the conduct of everyday life.


  • It can contribute to good appearance: When you stand for example, a good posture means good appearance. You have to remember that a normal spinal alignment has three curves – cervical, thoracic and lumbar.


Even in school, you are taught and reminded that a good posture can make a difference at the end of the day. You have to take it seriously this time. Share if you want everyone to have good posture.


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