What are the Different Types of Printers and Copiers?

When it comes to creating hard copies or duplicates of documents, the two options that come to mind are either printer or copier machine. These two wonders of modern technology have allowed not only the ease and convenience of producing and/or duplicating multiple copies of documents to spread information faster.

No office in Singapore is complete without an office printer or a copier machine, and most offices will usually have one or even both, and sometimes have units that are capable of these two functions and more at the same time.

Copier vs. Printer

While both copier machines and laser printers are mainstays in any office (and there are units that function as both), there are a few distinct differences between a copier and a printer in terms of producing documents.

For instance, an office printer will be primarily used for printing the original hard copies of the document while the copier will be used to make more copies of these documents if needed.

Different Types of Copiers

Also known as a photocopier, the copier machine is a complex, yet vital piece of office equipment that duplicates paper documents through a process called xerography.

Xerography is a dry process that uses ink toner and heat to create an image on the paper, and was originally presented as an alternative to printers in order to make copies of documents much faster and easier.

Nowadays, copier machines like oki office printer from Singapore are a mainstay in office buildings in the same capacity as printers, and new units are being manufactured by companies that are a blend of both copiers and printers. Here are a few types you might be familiar with:

• Mono copier – A mono copier is a copier that only uses one tone of ink (black), and is the most common and widely used kind of copier in offices worldwide. The mono copier in your office can come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from low-end to high-end units capable of duplicating as many as a hundred pages per minute.

• Color copier – This type of copier is less common and slightly more expensive than its monochrome counterpart. However, a color copier allows you the option of duplicating documents in color.

• Multifunctional copier – Multifunctional copiers are copiers that have additional built-in features, such as printing and scanning, and some units are even capable of faxing and Internet access.

Different Types of Printers

Printers are devices that creates the physical copy of the data presented on your screen, and are connected to a computer through USB cables, though others can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Printers can be classified depending on the technology used in printing, from toner, liquid inkjet, solid ink, dye-sublimation, and even inkless printers. Types of office printers include:

• Inkjet printer – Most offices in Singapore use inkjet printers because they offer a balance between good quality print and budget. An inkjet printer works by spraying ink on paper, with a resolution ranging from 300 dots per inch (dpi) to 600, which makes them good for small images and reports.

Inkjet printers work using magnetized plates in the ink’s path to direct the ink onto the paper. Because they use smaller mechanical parts, they make good portable printers that you can easily carry with you.

However, their quality is still less than that of a laser printer. They also print much more slowly. In a colour printer, one cartridge holding black ink and another that holds cyan, magenta, and yellow needed for printing colored documents.

• Laser printer – Many documents or images that need to be printed in high quality should be printed using a laser printer, which can print images with resolutions ranging from 600 to 1,200 dpi. While inkjet printers use ink, a laser printer uses either colored or black powder toner.

• Graphic art printer – Graphic art printers still count as laser printers, but are slightly more specialized. Choosing a graphic art printer as your colour printer is a necessity if your business specializes in graphic design.

A laser printer makes for a better colour printer because of the high quality print. However, because graphic design projects are meant to be transient, graphic art printer ink is usually not fade-resistant.

• Multi-function printer – Multi-function printers come in a variety of sizes and are capable of both photocopying and printing, as well as scanning and faxing. Many models are also small enough to accommodate both home and office use, with the only disadvantage being the price.

How Do You Know What You Need?

The easiest way to know what kind of office printer or copier machine is by simply looking around and considering what type of office equipment would best increase productivity. If you don’t have a particular need for very high quality prints, then you can easily settle with an inkjet printer instead of a laser printer with a high dpi.

Another thing that you need to consider when choosing a new office printer is the printer ink or toner. When you have to buy printer toner or ink, the best option is to buy the printer in Singapore directly from the manufacturer.

Buying printer toner or ink from the manufacturer in Singapore will not only ensure the quality of the ink you get, but most manufacturers also give you an extra ink or toner cartridge for free. After you buy printer toner or ink, be sure to read the instructions on how to operate and replace the printer or copier.

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