Types of Events That Require Tentage

There are many different events that may require you to hire a tentage rental company. Nowadays, the appeal and quality of canopies and tents has been greatly enhanced and Singapore event organizers are finding new ways to utilize the unique purpose of tents.

If you’ve been to outdoor events lately, you must have recognized how these events in Singapore have become more elegant and glamorous with the use of fabulous tents. Tents, marquees, and canopies provide a cool and laidback ambiance in a tentage rental Singapore while still offering shelter in case of unexpected weather changes. Aside from this, tents by nanyang a premium tentage supplier in Singapore provide additional space by allowing you to extend the party outdoors. This offers more room for your guests to enjoy your party without feeling left out.


Some of the events that can be held in tentages are:

Special Dinners

Tents and canopies can be used for small dinner get-togethers with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Look for a tentage rental company that offers various sizes of tents with a party package that includes tables and chairs. Usually, special dinners are small gatherings; therefore a basic 20×20 tent size with a seating capacity of 20 to 30 persons is enough to accommodate everybody. If you’re throwing a big dinner party with a lot of Singapore guests, remember to choose a canopy not only according to the number of people, but also consider the buffet area, dance floor and space for the entertainers.

Wedding Receptions

The wedding reception is said to be the best and the most memorable part of a wedding. An outdoor wedding reception is just perfect to crown this most precious event. Tent rental companies offer different wedding reception packages, which typically includes a tent, audio system, and tables and chairs. The tent can be decorated with flowers and delicate fabrics by a wedding interior designer to make it look even fancier.


Service or Product Launches

Service or p Singapore product launches can also be held in tentage rental tents and marquees. These events easily attract attention and should therefore be held in remarkable locations. A fully embellished canopy offers the best platform for product launching. This includes beautifying the tent with lights and adding creative tools, like projectors and LCD screens, in an eye-catching manner.

Corporate Gatherings

Outdoor corporate gatherings are among the top events usually held in tentages. This is a cost-effective and casual way of welcoming and impressing clients, colleagues, and business partners. Marquees provide relaxing atmosphere to everyone, which promotes socializing and networking among potential clients and fellow colleagues.

Birthday Parties

A birthday party is much more fun when held outdoors in tentage rental. By using tents and canopies, outdoor parties are more secure from rain and scorching heat of the sun. Tents provide cool and casual atmosphere for holding birthday parties and like events. Adding a canopy is a wise decision especially if your home cannot adequately accommodate the size of your party.

Due to the gaining popularity of Singapore outdoor events, tent rental providers are sprouting like mushrooms. More and more rental companies took advantage of the trend and offer various types of packages and services to attract clients. However, to make picking everything easier, know first the type of event you’re planning to have and decide whether it is suitable to have it in a tent or not.

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