Top 4 Places Tourists Should Avoid While in Singapore

You land in Singapore, the multicultural financial hub of Southeast Asia and one of the most expensive cities in the world. As an attractive travel destination, it’s no surprise that it has hit a record of 15 million visitors as of 2013.

Tourists come year round to experience its magic, and many places have now become so packed with them that the magic has worn off. You want to avoid the tourist traps and have a true experience of being in Singapore.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you. Here are the top 4 places in Singapore to steer clear from:

1.) Newton Hawker Center/Newton Circus Food Center
Newton Circus was once a go-to to sample a plethora of cuisines, from barbecue, seafood, to satays (skewer meats), until there were too many stalls selling the same kind of food and drinks. This made competition stiff by stall owners where they are often criticized for overpricing food and compromising food quality.

Instead, consider going to Chinatown Food Center for a sample of local ethnic cuisine, or head over to Central Mall in Clarke Quay if you’re looking for eating on the cheap. You could even opt for the ice cream carts around the city instead of the more expensive ice cream parlors.

2.) Boat Quay
The boat cruise down Singapore River may seem pleasant until you realize that the whole trip is simply a haze of night lights.

Stroll down the riverside instead – not only will you get to marvel at the lights of Clarke Quay at your own pace and without the engine noise (or maybe the noise of a hundred other tourists), but the long walk and the cool evening air is guaranteed to make it romantic for you and your date.

3.) Sim Lim Square, People’s Park Complex, Lucky Plaza
Tourists should be careful when shopping in these places. While you are allowed to haggle for your electronics here, some vendors might use one-off tactics to scam customers. Some scams include charging extra for the warranty or leaving out price tags.

When shopping here, ensure that your items come with what it needs, such as power cords or batteries, before settling on a price.

Alternatively, you could shop at well-established stores, such as Funan IT Mall or Challenger, to get legitimate deals on your electronics.

4.) The Singapore Flyer
For a panorama of the glistening Singaporean city lights beneath your feet, you don’t have to shell out fifty odd dollars and share a gondola with other couples or families over a slow ride via the Singapore Flyer.
Instead, climb up to the roof of good old Esplanade. With your picnic basket and your loved one, and lay down alone under the night sky for hours.

Singapore is a beautiful place, with tourists flocking all year round. Use this guide to help you avoid the tourist traps and have a full experience of what the country has to offer.

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