Tips for the Wedding Menu

You’ve been to weddings, right? What did you secretly wish? For sure you secretly wished to taste new foods or dishes- something that is out of the ordinary and new. Sometimes you are not thrilled seeing ordinary foods and there are times that you are awed. If it is your wedding now, of course you want to awe your visitors. You should begin by thinking about your wedding hotel banquet. You should make sure that your wedding hotel banquet will surprise your visitors. Your wedding is not ordinary. You should think more than that. Your wedding is special so should be. Now that you established that, it is time to find the best wedding menu in town.

The first thing that you should do is look for wedding hotel banquet here in Singapore. When you found one, it is important that you know if they will allow you to submit your own list of dishes to be served or you have no choice but rely on their default menus. If the hotel allows you to submit your food choices, you are very lucky. Do not waste the chance and think about your menu. Here are some tips for your wedding menu:


Look for food ideas

If you are serious about surprising your visitors and having a perfect banquet in singapore you should look for new food ideas. You can solicit ideas from friends or you can simply refer to online articles. If that is not enough, you should consider wedding magazines or books. If you have enough money for a five course meal, you should pursue it but if you are saving money, a three course meal will do.

Go seasonal and local

You should give your visitors flavourful foods at the wedding hotel banquet which are made from the freshest ingredients. You should think about the season and ask your caterer what are the best foods for that specific season. It is important that you also go local with a twist. Your visitors will surely be surprised.


Personalize your bar

Food and drinks are inseparable in Singapore. It is good if you provide drink selections to your visitors. You can start from juices and carbonated drinks. Of course, cocktail should be present too. You should personalize your bar to give a personal touch. If you have a special concoction, you can name it after yourself or other important people. Provide a cocktail menu on each table or the bar so your visitors can choose.


Every time you think about food, go back to your theme and make sure it sets the mood for that. Identifying your theme before setting the menu at the wedding hotel banquet can help you ensure that the dishes you chose will work together. You can add a personal touch too or you can pay honour to your ethnic roots. After thinking about the Singapore food, you should also consider entertainment in between. If you want to get a band to entertain the guests, you should do so. This is to give life to the venue. Music will surely lighten the mood so everybody, including you, can relax. Good luck on your wedding!

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