The Things You Need to Know About Spyware


When you hear spyware, you will think that it is a tool of the government to gather and collect intelligence. It does not work that way. Spyware is an advertising tool. There are people who refer it as adware. If spyware or adware is installed in your computer, it will continuously send you pop-up ads. There are other spyware that will direct you to a particular website. Some use spyware to monitor your web activities.

It does not stop there because extreme spywares can exactly track the keys that you hit and attackers may use this for their cruel intentions. Spywares can cause your computer to be sluggish. If you are concerned about this, you should know different things about spyware. Here’s an idea:

Identifying Spyware

You have to determine if the spyware is present in your system. You should look out for the following symptoms –continuous pop-up messages, redirected to other website even if you clicked a different one, unexpected toolbars appearing, unexpected icons appearing, changing of browser’s home page, keys start to fail, random error messages appearing and the sluggishness of the computer. If you notice these things, you should act immediately before it is too late.

Preventing Spyware

Thankfully you can prevent the installation of spyware. Sometimes, you install the spyware unknowingly or unintentionally. You have to be careful about this. You should practice security measures to prevent spyware from destroying your computer. You should avoid clicking on pop-up window links. Apart from that, you have to select “no” when you are asked question. You also need to be conscious of the software you can download for free. More importantly, avoid following links that claim or offer anti spyware. In addition, experts would recommend adjusting the browser preferences by limiting cookies and pop-up windows.

Removing Spyware

You should not worry because spywares can be removed. If you do not know how, you can ask your friends or computer experts to help you. If you want to do it personally, the first thing that you should do is run a scan on your computer with the help of your antivirus programme. If you have a software designed to take care of the spyware, you should consider it. When you consider a product, make sure it is legitimate. The last thing that you should do is make sure that your anti spyware and your antivirus software are compatible to function properly.

You should be careful with your computer. Spywares are destructive and it can steal your identity if the attacker wills it.


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