The Right Posture: Sit, Drive, and Lift


By now you should know that you need to right posture for a healthy back. It is time that you share your knowledge to your kids. You have to remind them many times that wrong posture can be serious from sitting to lying down and standing. It is time that you should take it seriously and let your kids see its importance.


There are many benefits of right posture. A good posture can keep the joints and bones in precise alignment. Alignment is important to ensure that the muscles are used properly. The right posture can also decrease early degradation or wearing of joints. More importantly, a good posture can prevent weariness because your muscles are efficiently used.

The have all the benefits, you have to explain to your kids the right posture requirements. So, what are the right posture requirements? Here are some requirements depending on the activity your kids are in:


You have to teach your kids how the right posture looks like. It is easy, they just remember the 3 normal back curves – cervical, thoracic and lumbar. If the three curves are evident, it is an assurance that they are doing it right.


The sitting posture requirement is you let your back straight together with your shoulders. Buttocks should touch the back of the chair. As much as possible sit at the end of the chair and emphasize the curve of the back for as far as you can then hold for few seconds before releasing it in about 10 degrees. As for the knees, it should be slightly higher than the hips and the feet flat. Remember not to keep the position not more than thirty minutes.


Driving in Singapore is not as easy as it seems especially if posture is considered. As much as possible use back support or what others call lumbar roll when driving. Knees should be slightly elevated. The seat should be moved closer to the steering wheel. This is to support your back’s curve. However make sure to give room to allow bending of the knees and reaching the pedals.


When you lift something, you have to make sure that you do it right. If the object is heavier than thirty pounds, make sure you have a firm and stable footing. If it is lower that you waist, you have to keep the back straight and then never forget to bend the hips and knees. Do not bend straight forward as it can result to injury. Last thing, stand with wide bearing and as much as possible closer to the thing.


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