The Most Luxe Bali Spas to Treat Yourself to

With its breathtaking beaches and picture-perfect views, Bali is a place many busy people from Singapore go to relax and unwind at. And what other ways to make your vacation in Bali more rejuvenating? Of course, a good spa or massage, which is what Bali is popular for—Balinese massage.

Whether you want a 150-minute full body massage or a coconut body scrub in the midst of the jungle, here are some spas on the island you should check out.

  1. COMO Shambhala Estate

Seated in the middle of the greenery in Payangan, complete with a beauty therapists, professional masseurs, ayurvedic doctor and a nutritionist, COMO Shambhala Estate got your overall wellness covered. One of the must-try spa treatments is the COMO Shambhala Bath, which is a 120-minute massage and cleansing treatment that uses a blend of moisturizing essential oil—coconut, almond and macadamia nut oils—that will leave you feeling refreshed and your skin soft, smooth and silky.

  • Thermes Marins Bali

Thermes Marins Bali offers 26 luxurious treatment rooms and six villas spread out all over Ayana Resort & Spa Bali. If you want the best view of the glistening Indian Ocean, request for Spa on the Rocks. The villa boasts an elegant architecture that infuses beautiful elements of nature—featuring Indonesian merbau woods and ‘alang-alang’ roofs. Indulge in 120-minute Lava Me Tender massage that uses natural volcanic lava as essence, which contains antioxidant agents and healing properties to help restore the skin’s elasticity and radiance.

  • Spa Uluwatu

Every full moon, Spa Uluwatu offers a special Moonlight Massage at their beachside pavilion to celebrate the sacred event in Balinese culture. If it isn’t full moon when you travel to Bali, try the InterContinental Signature Massage that combines various massage styles from different countries all over the world. For a mani-pedi in luxe comfort or a quick trim after our spa, the hotel also offers a newly revamped beauty salon.

  • Lembah Spa

Nestled in the heart of Bali, Lembah Spa is a serene spot perched atop a valley, rewarding you a stunning view of the Petanu River gorge. This spa offers different treatments that features a combination of Western and traditional Balinese techniques. Don’t skip trying the 150-minute Cleopatra on Petanu River spa package, which includes body mask and exfoliation, followed by 50 minutes of Balinese massage and the ever popular milk bath. End your retreat sipping on hot natural tea, which basking in the magnificent view.

  • Fivelements Puri Ahimsa

Located in the sacred Ayung River, Fivelements Puri Ahimsa is a world-renowned eco-friendly retreat, which draws its wellness approach in Balinese’s ancient traditions. The techniques used promotes rejuvenation and relaxation through a combination of deep bodywork, prana energy and meditation, all performed by local healers, whose knowledge have been handed down through so many generations.

The truth is, you can’t go wrong with any spa treatment in Bali. Just keep in mind to make an appointment in advance to any of these places, especially during high season. Besides, ample prearation is the key to ultimate relaxation.

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