The Different Types of Health Screening

Individuals submit themselves for health screenings to evaluate their health condition, as well as to detect the presence of any medical problem as early as possible. An individual who receives periodic screening tests can make necessary adjustments in his diet, exercise routine, and lifestyle as a whole to reverse health problems. Here are the different types of health screening packages for different people.

One common type of health screening is blood work, which refers to any diagnostic testing made on blood fluid or cells. It is the starting point to detect the presence of any disease. However, there are also several screenings intended for specific health problems.

Basic Health Screening
Basic health screenings provide an overview of an individual’s over-all health condition. Basic health screening packages at Singapore island with tests include total cholesterol reading, blood pressure and blood glucose readings, as well as height and weight measurements. Furthermore, a doctor will also assess the health of a patient by asking questions pertaining to his or her medical history of certain diseases. This information is important to identify specific tests that should be performed further on the individual in Singapore.

Intermediate Health Screening Packages
Aside from the tests performed in a basic health screening, intermediate screening includes evaluation of an individual’s good cholesterol or high-density lipoprotein (HDL) to reveal his or her risk ratio for coronary diseases. A high HDL reading indicates strong defense against heart attack, while a low HDL reading signifies a high risk. Intermediate screenings are ideal for those who are obviously overweight, smokers, and who are undergoing extreme psychological stress.

Advanced Health Screening
Aside from the series of tests performed in basic and intermediate health screenings, advanced testing involves evaluation of an individual’s bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and triglyceride levels. Bad cholesterol can slowly accumulate in the interiors of the arteries which form part of the body’s circulation system. High levels of triglyceride can be a manifestation of prevailing diabetes or heart disease.

Additional Screenings
Other than the basic, intermediate and advanced health screenings, patients can be advised by their doctors to undergo additional screening tests to further evaluate their health condition. Additional screenings will depend on the medical background of a patient. Therefore, a patient needs to tell his or her physician about any health problem that would warrant additional screenings.

Age-Related Screenings
Health screenings may depend on a person’s age. For example, those who are 50 and above are advised to undergo a comprehensive colon screening test. Men should have prostate screening test, while women are advised to have screening tests for cancer of the breast and reproductive organs. Screening tests should be done in periodic manner. It can be semi-annually, annually, or whenever the physician decides.

Personal Responsibility
The primary objective of screening packages is early detection of any existing health problem. You should never depend on the calendar to schedule screening tests. If you are experiencing any difficulties with your breathing, appetite, sleeping patterns, or if you have noticed that you easily get tired or dizzy, you should inform your doctor right away. He or she may have a rationale for your condition.

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