The Common Skin Care Ingredient That’s Drying Your Skin

People nowadays are more cautious on what they put on their skin. We tend to look for the ingredients of a beauty product before purchasing the item to guarantee that our skin remains healthy and beautiful.

We usually steer clear of products involving the term “alcohol” in order to avoid drying the skin. What’s more alarming is that alcohol not only dries the surface of the skin. In order to destroy bacteria, it breaks the protective barrier of the skin. This barrier is needed to protect the essential nutrients our skin needs to stay healthy. This means, it is not only drying but also damaging to the skin.

Usually indicating the presence of ethanol, the term alcohol is used as a generic term. It is a short chain molecule that when in contact with the skin, is likely to cause irritation and dryness. Alcohol also strips the skin of all its natural oils and when this happens, the skin becomes even more oily and blemished.


However, we should not be afraid of using products with the word alcohol in the label. There are types of alcohols, called fatty alcohols that are not doing anything harmful to our skin. Fatty oils such as stearyl alcohol, and cetyl alcohol are derived from oils and fats, and can be really good for keeping the skin hydrated. These are usually used as emollients and thickening agents in skin care products.

The kinds of alcohols that we should avoid are as follows: ethyl alcohol, isopropyl, ethanol, simple alcohol, etc.


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