The Best Places on Earth for Stargazing


The vastness of the universe is overwhelming that sometimes we miss on a lot of things including the sky. It is hard to appreciate the sky and all its greatness if you do not look up. Here in Singapore, the abundance of artificial light is undeniable that you cannot see what lies on top of you. It is time that you appreciate the sky.

You do not need to be an astrologer to appreciate the sky. You do not need telescopes to observe the stars as well. There are many places here on earth perfect for stargazing where stars come together to excite the naked eye. The best thing about stargazing is it is free and unlimited. So, if you want to see it, you can do so. Here are some places you would want to visit for stargazing:

Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert is the pride of Chile. What makes this place ideal for stargazing? To start, it is in high altitude plus not polluted skies. The 600-mile stretch also attracts more and more tourists every year. In fact, the astro-tourism scene here is lucrative these days. For a more personal experience, head to the famous Elqui Domos. It has an observatory plus hotel.


Tenerife is in Canary Islands. For your information, Canary Islands is part of Morocco. Tenerife has become an astro-tourism site because of its proximity to the equator plus high altitude. In fact, it is one of the clearest skies on earth. It is an ideal stargazing place because there is a local law that regulate flights to protect stargazing. The fun never stops because of the Starmus Festival.

Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve

If you are in New Zealand, never miss the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve. This is actually the largest dark-sky reserve in the world. It is nestled in Machenzie Basin – that offers high country plateau.

NamibRand Nature Reserve

There is such thing as Dark-Sky Association. This is a group that gives award to reserve with the best sky quality. The first to achieve the Gold Tier award was NamibRand Nature Reserve in 1988. The best about this reserve is that guests can camp put at the Namid Desert or choose to have a guided tour of the famous dunes.

Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea is in Hawaii. It is in fact the home of the largest optical telescope in the world – which is seated in 13,796 foot summit of Mauna Kea. Serious star gazers would risk it for a magical view at night. If conditions are good, you can even see sunsets and sunrises.

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