Singapore Calls for Firm Action Against Climate Change

Strong commitment and taking action is called by Singapore from all over the world to deal with the phenomenal climate change. Environment and Water Resources Minister, Vivian Balakrishnan, advocated plans to all parties after speaking at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Warsaw, Poland.



The convention provides strong and competent outlines to all nations on keeping the principles for taking action against climate change, Dr. Balakrishnan added. The participation of parties was very important during the convention. Each were being said to have a contribution on the plans and agreements being agreed about climate change.

Singapore’s Efforts

Dr. Balakrishnan said that Singapore is giving its best effort to execute and do its part on making an effort against climate change despite its pressures being a small city state. Singapore has made an oath to lower down their use of carbon emissions by 16 per cent fewer than 2020 business-as-usual (BAU) levels if there is an agreement to all countries.


A Step Ahead

Singapore has also launched measures and policies to lessen the use of carbon emitting equipments and establishments by 7 to 11 per cent below 2020 BAU levels. The country has also been doing research and studies on their economic structure and strategies on how to achieve and respond to a low-carbon society in the future.


Working Together

Singapore has been sharing actively to other nation their expertise and experiences in green development with other developing countries. Dr. Balakrishnan added that Singapore could be a test-bed for the best practices in urban management and sustainability. By closing his speech, Dr. Balakrishnan called all countries to build a balance and firm plan structures to strengthen multicultural system in order to have a secure and supple future.

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