Signs That You Are an Introvert


They dub as you as an introvert but you just really do not know why. It is time that you know the character traits or signs of an introvert then you can now identify yourself as one or you are just misread. When you hear about introversion it usually refers to a personality trait that focuses only on your internal feelings rather than focusing on external stimulation.


Introverts and extroverts are often viewed in two opposite sides. Here are some signs that you are an introvert (or someone you know):

If being with a lot of people actually exhaust your energy 

Yes you can socialize if the need arises but if it can be avoided, you just keep to yourself and would rather read a book that go out partying. Do you ever notice that after spending some time with many people, you seem to be so tired and exhausted it is as if the crowd absorbed all you energy.

It also doesn’t mean that all introverts avoid people and social events gathering. Introverts just prefer to spend quality time with friends and other people.

If you enjoy solitude so much

You do not need a crowd to make you alive. If you enjoy solitude so much, you only need a good book, movie or even the whole house to yourself. This does not mean though that introverts want to be alone at all times.


If you have a small group of friends

One common misconception that should be corrected is how other people see introverts. When they see someone alone and quiet, they will think that he/she doesn’t  like people. Yes, introverts do not have myriad of friends but they have close friends that they do great deal of socializing. Introverts prefer long lasting friends instead of myriad and superficial.

If people often label you as quiet

Introverts are often seen as quiet and mellow but sometimes, these traits are mistake for shyness. Yes, some introverts are shy but a majority is only showing reservation. They are not timid or apathetic. Introverts simply think about their words before uttering it and they have no time and energy to waste on small talks and chit-chats.

If too much stimulus leaves you unfocused and distracted

Introverts are sometimes affected by overwhelming activities that they tend to get distracted and unfocused. If you are overwhelmed especially during busy social situations, you should keep calm and never mind what other people say. Introverts prefer a quiet and less agitated setting to focus.

Now that you know the signs of being an introvert, you have to examine yourself. Many Singaporeans are already aware of their introvert-ness.


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