Planning The Perfect Singapore Wedding

Wedding is not essentially a high cost affair. If thoughtfully planned, you can potentially cut down a lot of expense and yet make you wedding an elegant event. 

 For those who have a wedding on board, there are plenty of things that are to be thought of and ironed out. Menu, decoration, flowers, music, guests, budgets … and the list can continue. But out of this entire bunch of messed up activities, the silver line is that if you plan everything thoughtfully, the entire set of tasks will come up very handy. It would be very helpful if you get hold of ideas on the key steps considered while planning a singapore wedding.  In order to plan the entire event efficiently, it is highly recommended that planning begins well in advance. For events like wedding, the planning should begin six to eight months prior to the date of wedding. The most important consideration in planning a perfect Singapore wedding is, by and large, the budget. Therefore, the planning must start with fixing the same.  Once you and your would-be have assessed how much you intend to spend on the wedding event, then you can go ahead to do things like finalizing the guest list and likewise.

While you do make provisions for the cake, dresses, menu etc., it is good to remember the fundamental fact that in order to have a successful wedding event, all you essentially need is the bride, the groom and the officiate. Everything, besides these is an optional feather that you may or may not want to have.  If the bottom line is clear in your mind you would be able to take decisions on the financial aspects, quickly, which are otherwise taxing on the mind. Keeping this idea in the backdrop, there are a few amazing budget ideas that can be very helpful in optimally planning your wedding:

The Guest List

Trimming your guest list optimally can be challenging. But you would want to do it upon knowing the fact that it is the single most efficient means of slashing your budget, without compromising on any of the other arrangements.

Given the auspicious nature of the Singapore wedding event, wherein, two bodies and two hearts swear lives together, and two families join together, would you be really keen to invite your business associates, with whom you or your parents maintain social terms just for the sake of keeping their business network? It is therefore always recommended to begin with your family members, to close friends and then if your budget allows, add other people to your guest list. This will not only help you save money but also allow you a chance to spend some quality time with your near and dear ones whom you always wanted around to at your wedding day.

The Wedding Gown

Most women believe that the cost of wedding gown will eat up a significant portion of their total budget. While the reason of such a belief in case of most women is the fantasy associated with beautiful frocks worn on wedding days, fact today is that you can still have gorgeous wedding gowns for yourself and that too for a far lesser price charged by salons across town. Besides, there are other options of buying from online store, the prices of which are minuscule fractions of the price of similar goods available in the malls.

Buying an expensive veil, which costs few hundred dollars, is also not a very bright idea. The actual fabric costs only a few dollars a yard, so you can buy the fabric instead and have one made for you.

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