Planning a BBQ Party in Singapore

Barbecue party is one of the fun ways to feed and entertain your guests in an affair in Singapore. The ambiance of a barbecue party is very relaxing and casual, making everybody comfortable while mingling with one another. Although planning a Singapore barbecue bash meant to be a relaxed event, you still have to plan the things included on your menu to guarantee smooth-sailing celebration with your guests.

1. Tools
Before planning for your barbecue menu, check first the tools and utensils needed, like the griller, coals, gas, tongs, skewers, and brushes. Secure all those stuffs first before planning the type of food you will serve to avoid last minute delays.
2. Weather
Check the Singapore weather forecast at least a week before the party. If good weather is unsure, then make sure your barbecue party with food catered from Singapore spring ocean bbq can adapt to the weather. Either have the party indoors or put up large tents to cover your guests from unexpected rain shower. Anyway, you can use electric griller instead of the charcoaled griller if you’re opting for an indoor barbecue party.
3. Eating Utensils
After checking the cooking utensils, the next thing you have to ensure is your guests’ eating utensils. Make sure you have enough plates, cutleries, glasses, etc. for your guests. If you opt to have paper plates or plastic tableware, buy these things well in advance to avoid last minute errands.
4. Guests’ Needs
A spring ocean barbecue menu is simple but should be carefully planned to cater everyone’s tastes. That’s why you have to check if there are guests who have special dietary needs such as vegetarians or has food allergies. You have to consider this kind of people so as not to leave them hungry or out of place during the entire affair.

5. The Meats
Serve several selections of meat. Planning this can be some of the crowds’ favourites like burgers, hotdogs, steaks, chops, sausages or mixed kebabs. You can also include fish on the menu for diet conscious guests. Have grilled whole salmon wrapped in foil or skewed king prawns drizzled with sweet chili sauce
6. Sauces and Rubs
There are so many barbecue sauce recipes to help add flavour and aroma to your spring ocean bbq meat. Most of these are just a bowl-mix of flavourings and spices where you rub or marinate the meat. These sauces can be made in advance to save time on the actual day. You can also brush it to the meat to keep it juicy and moist as it cooks on the griller.
7. Vegetables
Have plenty of vegetable choices on the side not just to satisfy your non-meat spring ocean bbq eater Singapore guests but also to add variety to your meat servings. Tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and baby corns skewed together and daubed with oil add aroma to your meat menus.
8. Drinks
The last thing and definitely the one that shouldn’t be forgotten are the drinks. You can have beers and wines to match your barbecue menu. For those who want to keep it casual and classy, sparkling wines and champagnes make a good match for barbecues. Also, stock soft drinks for guests who don’t want to have alcohols.

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