New Travel Trends for Singaporeans

Traveling is on everyone’s bucketlist these days. Many Singaporeans are considering the fulfilment it brings so every once in a while, we spot many tourists wearing slippers and shorts spending their holidays in neighbouring countries. If you are traveling under a budget, it is best to start with neighbouring countries for backpacking. These countries also offer good times if you only give it chance and time.


For affluent Singaporeans, they prefer expensive countries with extraordinary activities. There is nothing wrong if these affluent people spend money on expensive things. For those who are curious of the affluent’s activities and places, here is the picture:

  • Woodbury: Woodbury is a haven for people who love shopping, discounts and famous brands. Woodbury is in America and it is an hour away from Manhattan. For tourists who happen to visit East Coast, Woodbury should be visited. The bus fare from Manhattan to Woodbury is about USD 40-50. Tourists never miss a chance to get discounts on designer goods like Prada bag for as low as $100 and Kate Spade wristlets for $10. If you plan to go there, make sure to dedicate your whole day for the trip.


  • Niseko: Japan is near Singapore and it is within Asia so it is not that expensive to go to however, tourists are increasingly interested on skiing. Skiing is a high status sport. Many tourists consider Niseko as a way to enjoy the cold weather. If you want to experience skiing, prepare to shed thousands of dollars from the accommodation to lessons and your gear rentals.


  • Michelin restaurants: For foodies, there is nothing more rewarding than eating on restaurants with Michelin stars. In fact, many tourists go to the trouble of researching for nearby Michelin-starred restaurants whenever they are in London, Paris and Tokyo. Expect to pay a costly meal when visiting a Michelin-starred restaurant.


  • Beach resorts: Tourists indulge in a five star resort stay. Bali and Phuket are famous places to consider five star beach resorts. This little luxury will treat people from complete pool amenities and open air bathroom not to mention the bedroom.


  • Pre-wedding photos: Affluent couples to be wedded soon may think of extraordinary pre-wedding photos. In fact many consider a picture in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower. If you are determined to have your pre-wedding photo in Paris, prepare to shed thousands of dollars.

These places and activities may not be for ordinary people but if you are determined to experience such, you should start saving. It is not too late.


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