Movies a Sylvester Stallone Avid Fan Must Know  


Many artists have come after Sylvester Stallone but he is a legend and so he must be honoured. His movies may be a flop or a hit but many Singaporeans are still avid fan of Sylvester Stallone. Here are some movies a Sylvester Stallone avid fan must know and watch:


The Lords of Flatbush

Sylvester Stallone had his big-screen break in 1974 following the release of The Lords of Flatbush. The movie was hailed a “masterpiece” because of its brilliancy in showing the struggles and efforts of growing up.

The Rocky Franchise

The reason why Rocky franchise made it big is because Stallone wrote the screenplay. Like Rocky, Stallone understood the pursuit of a dream in the face of overwhelming odds. This big break got him 10 Oscar nominations, winning three.



In 1981, Stallone again awed the public with his police-thriller movie. The Nighthawks in fact turned out to be a lot better than expected. Together with Billy Dee Williams, they attempted to stop a terrorist that goes by the name Wulfgar.

The Rambo Franchise

The franchise was all about John Rambo – a Vietnam vet which is a dark drama about the war. The haunted Rambo didn’t stay true to the novel it was based on but still it lingered with audiences and critics.

Cop Land

1980s was kind to Stallone but come 1990’s his mojo seemed to be off because he decided to branch it. His ventures were not that successful but despite that, he remained an underrated actor. He was casted in 1997 and he showed his depth. It became successful and effective.

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