Misuse of Drugs Act

There was a young man who was arrested and convicted for drug trafficking. He was at first sentenced to hanging last 2008 but now, the man has the chance to get away from death penalty because of his assistance in disturbing drug related activities. Let it be known that here in Singapore, if you are found importing, exporting, possessing, selling, trafficking and using controlled drugs, you will experience imprisonment, caning or worse, capital punishment. This is referred as the Misuse of Drugs Act.


You should know that importing, exporting, possessing, trafficking, selling and using of any drugs under the classification or categories stated by law is illegal. The punishment is determined depending on the quantity of the drugs. For example, a 1200g of opium, 20g of morphine, 30g of cocaine, 30g of cannabis and 250g of methamphetamine means MDP (Mandatory Death Penalty).

However if you are caught importing, exporting, possessing, trafficking, selling and using drugs that are less than the amount set for MDP, you will still be punished caning for up to twenty four strokes or life imprisonment. Ignorance of the law excuses no one. Foreigners are not exempted from such punishments. This is the reason why the Singapore embarkation cards enclose warning on visitors about the repercussions of drug trafficking.

It does not stop there. Singapore Airlines for example also give similar warnings regarding drug trafficking and its repercussions to the passengers before they enter the country. Drugs destroy the society so it is only fair to take serious steps. If you are a visitor here, just remember this thing: do as the Singaporeans do. Do not do anything that can lead you to MDP because your life is more than a few hundred grams of drugs.

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