Makeover Ideas for a Modern Singaporean Home  


One common misconception when we hear about home makeover is it entails remodelling or renovation – which is expensive. When we have budget issues, we tend to ignore makeovers and just prioritize more important things. Home makeover is important too! Upgrading our nest brings so much energy and enthusiasm when it is done.


The idea of a makeover being expensive should be blamed on makeover shows we see on cable TV. We have to know that we can complete a makeover and update our homes without spending too much. This only takes little research, resourcefulness and smart moves. This is the perfect time to start on our makeover projects. Here are some ideas that we can consider to spruce up and modernize our homes:

  • Living room: When we think about makeovers, our living room is the hardest but truth is, living rooms are one of the easiest. The trick is to let go of unnecessary things on the shelves and replace it with simple things to make it look cosy, comfortable and open. There are many furniture shops here in Singapore that we can consider. We have to pick something that islight. If we lack budget, we can consider repurposed wood and make a TV rack out of it.
  • Dining room: It is always advisable to keep the dining room functional but minimal at the same time. We only need to install some lighting to make the room more intimate and light. If we do not have budget for some lights, we can make our own. First, we have to secure wine bottles, link it together using ropes, electrical wires and bulbs.


  • Bedroom: Revamping our bedroom is perhaps the easiest because we only need to paint it with neutral colours. If new paint is not enough for us, we can easily pick furniture that goes with our paint. If we have plenty of bedroom stuffs, clothing and shoes, we have to consider building a shelving unit. We can use our baskets and create wall mounted compartments for our bedroom stuffs.
  • Bathroom: Our bathroom should exhibit a hint of relaxation. Relaxed aura can be achieved with the help of lighting. After considering lighting, we can create hand-crafted things like shampoo racks and soap dishes.
  • Kitchen: Modern Singaporean house should exhibit functionality over style. We have to choose reasonably-prices kitchen items over expensive stainless steel implements. If we want, we can look for a new wood table and other handicraft chairs.

That should do it.


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