Life Advices to Survive Your First Job After College

Starting a new path straight out of college can be quite scary. Yes, there is no denying in that fact. It takes more than just getting work done. It also means learning how to cooperate and communicate with your workmates, integrating into the company culture, as well as fulfilling every expectation that is placed on you whether you like it or not.

Every work environment is different – but when it comes to it, starting a first job has a general set of challenges most of us are bound to experience at some point.

1. Keep your expectations in check
In college, you might have a different set of ideal expectations for your first job — only to be surprised if they are nowhere near what you’ve been expecting on your actual first day at work. It’s perfectly fine to be taken aback initially, but it’s also important to learn how to adapt. Limit your expectations so you won’t get more disappointments.

2. Accept your “newbie” status
Being the new person at the office likely means you’ll be given little errands like coffee runs and printing duties, especially if you’re just straight out of college. It might take a while before you’re given any real responsibility, hence you have no choice but to do the tasks you don’t even like. Take this opportunity instead as your chance to show off your work ethic.

3. Stay organized
One key to impress your boss is to never miss a deadline. This can be achieved through staying organized and learning how to prioritize important tasks over others. In starting your first job, most especially, it is important to be on time, get work done, and keep it all together. This will leave an impression on your employer that you’ll be a significant asset to the company in the long run.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
Starting out on your first job means you have so many things to learn and so many tasks to get confused about. Don’t be pressured by the feeling of uncertainty and confusion over what you do. Everyone passed through that stage, even your own boss. That said, don’t hesitate to ask a colleague questions that are relevant to a job you need to get done!

5. Adapt into the company culture
In order to fit in with your colleagues just right, pay attention to your office’s work culture. Each work place has a different work culture, some may be outgoing and loud while others might be more individualistic and silent. Learn how to integrate yourself without changing your entire personality. There must be a balance to be struck — which you can only figure out for yourself.

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