Law 101: Capital Offences in Singapore

We are often told and reminded that “Ignorance of the law excuses no one”. We should know that capital punishment is applicable to all-citizen or not. When we talk about capital punishment, it includes MDP (Mandatory Death Penalty). To date, Singapore boasts of low crime rate because of its iron fists when it comes to the law.


There are offences that stipulate death as a form of punishment. There are 4 acts and 1 code that stipulate death sentence.

Penal Code: Under the Penal Code, offences like waging war, treason, murder, mutiny, terrorism, piracy and perjury are punishable by death.

Internal Security Act: Any act that has to do with undermining the internal or national security of Singapore will face death sentence. This is applicable to persons who are caught with ammunitions and firearms.

Misuse of Drugs Act: Drug trafficking is a serious offence. If you are caught exporting, importing, possessing, trafficking, selling and using big amount of specified drugs (like opium, cocaine, cannabis, methamphetamine, etc.), you will face hanging.

Arms Offences Act: The act controls firearms offences. Persons who use firearms will face the death sentence. Similarly, attempting to use firearms will also face death sentence.

Kidnapping Act: The act deals with offences like abduction, wrongful restraint and confinement. It is punishable by death.

We are so engrossed with different things these days that we fail to notice law. Law keeps our place in order. It should not be ignored. As a modern man/woman, you should know some aspects of the law. As a citizen, you should be familiar with the law and share the knowledge to others.

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