Keeping Your Child Safe

Parents should be cautious not to leave their child alone because it may cause his/her life. There was an incident here in Singapore where a mother left her 7 year old son alone in their flat to take her daughter to her class. Since her daughter’s class is near their flat, she did not worry about her son. She planned to go home instantly but she was crushed when she found out that her son had fallen to the window and immediately died.


This is a tragedy but may this serve a lesson for all mothers and parents out there. Children are naturally curious and they do not heed danger until they feel the pain and discomfort. Keeping them safe always is challenging but it should be undertaken. Here are some ways you can consider to keep your child safe:

1. Do not leave them unsupervised

As mentioned earlier, the accident happened because there was no one to watch over the boy. As a parent, this is a big mistake. Even if your child is in deep sleep, do not be too confident to leave him/her. If you have to do something, ask a relative to watch over for an hour or so.


2. Keep away matches and other sharp objects

Children are fascinated with fire and sharp objects. You should keep away the matches and sharp objects from their reach. Your knives and scissors should be stored properly. Beware of the toys that you give. If there are small parts, they will chew it.

3. Be alert, especially for recalled toys

There are toy companies that specifically recall their toys because of health hazards. There are toys that contain lead so it would be beneficial if you are aware. Tune in to news advisory so you will know which toys contain lead.

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