Improving the Lives of the Poor


Improving the lives of the poor and the less fortunate should be in the hearts of all people. Poverty is a global issue. Singapore is not the only country who is dealing with it. No matter how rich we are, we are still dealing with poverty. We have needy brothers and sisters waiting for our help. It is important that we help them. Our small actions can make a big difference.

As a start, there is a programme here in Singapore that helps the needy families get by. The programme is called Community Vouchers Programme. It was launched in June 2012. This programme gives S$40 of vouchers to families. The families can then exchange their vouchers with food and other stuffs in participating food stores and retail establishments.


The programme received commendations thereby the expansion. On December 29, 2013, there were fifteen families who benefitted free vouchers at the Rivervale Plaza launching. The recent expansion includes seventeen food and retail merchants. It was Teo Chee Hean, the Deputy Prime Minister who spearheaded the giving of the vouchers.

According to the CDC (North East Community Development Council), as of December 2013, there were about 1000 families who benefitted from this programme and it will continue to expand. There are other plans to extend the programme apart from the North East area.

It is difficult to meet both ends. The struggle of the needy people should never be ignored because it is the reality. If you cannot give money or donations, you can help improve the lives of other people by giving your time and your effort. It will surely not to go unnoticed.



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