Hygiene Routine Tips for Your Family

They say that good grooming and hygiene begins at home. And that is true! If your children practice good habits at a young age, it becomes second nature to them as adults. Personal hygiene is not just about looking and smelling good, it is about protecting yourself and the people around you from diseases.

Here is how you can develop a hygiene routine for the entire family.


If your child is old enough to hold items with their hands, start teaching them how to clean up after a meal like washing their hands, brushing their teeth, and putting away their plates. Make sure that the meals are given consistently on schedule so that they develop good eating habits, too. You can even ask them to assist in simple tasks in the kitchen.


We are not here to argue whether a people should bathe everyday or not. Children are active, so yes, they need to bathe daily to keep germs away. For kids who are scared of taking showers, you can encourage warm baths, or you can let them bring bathtub toys to keep them distracted. You could also have them get used to bathing right before bedtime to make it part of their routine.

Washing Hands

Your kids should know when to wash their hands even when you are not around to remind them. Practice washing hands before handling food or eating, after sneezing or coughing or blowing their nose, after petting animals, after using the toilet, after touching any body fluid like urine or vomit, and if their hands look dirty from playing. You should also remind them to not touch their face if they have not washed their hands.


Dental hygiene is a big deal because some adults who did not develop a good routine as children end up with bad teeth and smelly breath. Teach your kids to include brushing as part of their bedtime routine. They only need to brush twice a day, but most importantly before going to bed. Help them pick a toothbrush with their favorite cartoon character and a toothpaste with a flavor of their choosing so they do not get scared of brushing.

Clothes and Shoes

Your kids should learn how to change their clothes when they get sweaty or dirty. Remind them to change after playing or after getting home from school. Reward them if they place soiled clothes correctly in the hamper instead of leaving them on the floor. Other items like shoes should also be placed neatly on designated areas.

After School

Give your kids time to relax after school, not rush them into doing homework. After all, you would also want some time off after work yourself, right? After putting their things and clothes away, remind them to wash their hands before they can have a snack. You can also talk to them about their day while having dinner or letting them help in the kitchen.

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