How to Have a Better First Week at Your New Workplace

Feeling both excited and nervous on your first job? Make your first week at work stress-free, fun, and full of learning with these helpful tips.

Introduce yourself to your co-workers. Researchers point to the anxiety at work due to the lack of confidence in introducing oneself and starting conversations with strangers. Remember that you will be seeing those people around you regularly, so you would want to get rid of the awkwardness. It’s perfectly natural to feel shy, but you’ll eventually have to talk to them.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you are nervous about making a mistake on your first day at work, you can prepare a set of questions the night before. It will help you save time thinking about what you need to do and it can also be a good ice breaker with your co-workers.

Familiarize yourself with the new location. On your first day, you should already know where the restroom, water station, elevators, stairs, and other amenities are located. If possible, ask for a tour of the office so you don’t get lost. It’s also a good time to ask how best to get to the office and how much time you need to get to the office from your home.

Set your routine early. Once you become familiar with the specific tasks assigned to you, you can start coming up with a routine that will allow you to meet your requirements for the day. Think of its as coming up with the most effective shortcuts and strategies. Show them that you are a fast-learner and resourceful worker.

Don’t talk too much. Yes, you can get to know your co-workers without talking too much. Instead, observe and listen so you don’t embarrass yourself. Nothing ruins a first impression more than a person with diarrhea of the mouth. Don’t just talk to fill in the silence; remember you are there to work, not chat.

Take notes. It is possible that you will overlook some details during your training, but that is normal. To minimize mistakes, you should at least be familiar with the important details the day before your first day at work. Don’t be shy to take notes and organize your tasks.

Don’t mind the pressure. No one will expect you to be perfect on your first week. Just go with the flow and don’t feel pressured about trying to fit in right away. If someone asked you to come with them for lunch, use it as an opportunity to observe people and get a few tips.

Dress properly. You’re not there to receive an acting award, so don’t overdress. Don’t underdress either. Find the most comfortable clothes that don’t look to worn out for your first day. You should also probably bring a sweater in case it’s too cold in the office and an extra clean shirt.

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