How to Establish a Good Relationship with Your Boss

Whether you like or not, your boss plays an important role in your career advancement opportunities, so the more he or she knows you, your work, as well as your work ethic, then the more likely you’re to be rewarded. Establishing a healthy and respectful relationship with your boss is what will help improve your productivity and morale – and ultimately, boost your career. So if you want a relationship with your boss that goes beyond “we get along just fine,” here are five ways for you to build a stronger alliance with your manager.


  1. Show That You’re a Great Employee

Your first step to establishing a better rapport with your boss is to show that you’re an employee who adds value to the company. Do your best in work, give constructive ideas during team meetings, and steer clear from office gossip. Your quality work and attitude is what will constantly remind your boss as to why exactly he or she hired you. Although it seems basic, having a positive reputation is what will help you foster a better relationship with both your colleagues and boss.

  1. Demonstrate Your Initiative

Showing your enthusiasm to take on new projects is another way of developing a better relationship with your manager. If you’re working in an office where people constantly pitch ideas for project and product improvements, don’t be afraid to volunteer to take initiative on something. If the ideas offered aren’t free flowing, consider keeping a list of your own suggestions, and offer them up at your next meeting with the boss. Taking the initiative and being innovative will show your superior that you’re interested in growing along with the organization, and that’s bound to lead to a better rapport between the two of you.

  1. Communicate Effectively With Your Boss

Communication is the key in any happy relationship, and it’s definitely an important factor when it comes to relationships between subordinates and superiors. Your boss should always be in the know about what’s happening in the company, but you shouldn’t overwhelm him or her with constant updates.


This is the very reason why it’s important for you to know how exactly your manager prefers to communicate. Sure, this can be quite difficult to discern, especially if you’re new in the office. But paying close attention to how your boss interacts with you and your colleagues will give you a clue as to how you can bolster your communication skills with him or her.

  1. Do Some Small Talk

Regardless of your current relationship with your boss, there’s no harm in making some small talk with him or her. Whether it’s about the half-marathon he’s training for or your weekend plans, chit-chatting about some personal titbits will help in strengthening your rapport with your boss my making things a little less rigid and a bit friendlier.

  1. Practice Empathy Towards Your Boss

Oftentimes, it’s easy to assume that your boss is out to get you. Still, it’s important to give him the benefit of the doubt, even if things get tough for you. Remember, your boss isn’t just responsible for his own work – he’s also in charge of ensuring the quality of work that you and your colleagues produce.

Always remind yourself that your manager is only human. That sense of understanding is already enough to shift your perspective, and improve your relationship with your boss.

We all want to have great relationship with our bosses, as it helps in making the hours we spend in the office much better. So put the aforementioned tips to use now, and you’re sure to see some changes right away.


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