Hobbies You Can Turn Into Part-Time Jobs


Experts from Singapore say that it is better that we have multiple sources of income. It is advisable that for us to be able to become financially independent and free, we must find ways on how to multiply our income every month. We can do that through employment plus these following part-time ideas that could potentially be a stable business in the future.

  1. Online tutor. There are a lot of companies nowadays that are hiring online tutors especially English tutors. If you are well-versed and fluent in English, you can help teach and train people from other Asian countries. If you are also good at other things, you can create a website or page and teach people through videos and write-ups or blogs.


  1. Personal trainor. If you are good at exercising and a fitness buff, then you can be personal trainor for others who aren’t. You can help them to take care of their body and on what they ingest.


  1. Custom jewelry and accessories. There are a lot of people who love customized jewelry and accessories. You can sell on fairs or post your creations online to be able reach your market. You won’t only share your creative designs but also you can relax while making these since these can be stress relievers.


  1. T-shirt designing. If you like to create your own designs and make t-shirts as your canvass, then you can certainly make it a part-time business. Art-to-wear clothes nowadays are trending especially if you can capture the right market.


  1. Cupcakes, pies, cakes and other baked goods can become a fun and tasty part-time business. You can not only express your love for baking but you can also share your sweet treats to other people. This kind of business can be competitive since there are really a lot of bakeries and culinary experts out there. But as long as you have made the perfect recipes, you can never really go wrong in selling your sweet goodies.


  1. Antiques, arts and toys collection. Making new money from old treasures can be fun and could potentially become a stable business. More than antiques, you can sell your art or collection of different or your favorite toys. You can rent a space or set-up booths in fairs and auctions.


  1. Graphic design and virtual assistant. Online jobs can come in handy if you have extra time and if you would like to earn while having a full-time job. You can become a graphic designer, a virtual assistant or a part-time article writer. All you just have to do is explore opportunities with your computer, internet connection and just the tip of your fingertips.

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