Habits That Cause You to Gain Weight Over the Weekend


You’ve been grinding the gym for many days now and eating healthy. Come weekend, you have plenty of time to relax and rest but when it is Monday, you will realize it will hit you hard – instead of seeing the scale fall, you see it rise. You then realized that you gained weight over the weekend and that is not good news for you.


Do not fret because there are easy fixes that you can consider for your recent gains. You just need to identify what caused the gaining of weight over the weekend and quickly fix it. Here are the habits that will surprise you:

  • Water habit: You already know that your body is made of water and changes in hydration (even over the weekend) can lead to fluctuations in your body weight. People gain weight because they confuse sensations of thirst and hunger. You may be just thirsty but you find yourself reaching for food. The good news is that if you are dehydrated, you will shed few pounds but they will eventually go back when your water intake increases.


  • Period habit: This is only applicable for women. When you have your period, combination of your hormones such as the estradiol and progesterone will lead to hormonal fluctuations not to mention upsurge of metabolism. When this happens, the brain will think that the fluctuations are characterized by lack of glucose which will lead you to consume 100-200 extra calories.


  • Bathroom habit: Pooping is the body’s way of getting rid of excess. When you are constipated but consumed large amount of food over the weekend, expect to weigh more. In fact, when pooping, you lose one to four pounds.


  • Shopping habit: When you shop for food, you have to read the nutritional contents before buying, right? That is a good habit however it can mislead your diet. Be careful for items that are labelled “low fat” or “low carb”. You could be sneaking tons of fat or carbs for all you know.


  • Sleeping habit: It is normal to work even on weekends here in Singapore but you have to watch out your sleeping habit. No matter how busy you get, you should not skimp sleeping. Getting enough sleep is a crucial part in your life. When you do not get enough sleep, the body will release cortisol and upsurge post-meal insulin. This will encourage fat storage which is linked with weight gain.

It is good to be conscious of your weight if your goal is to achieve your body mass index but obsessing over numbers is not a good thing.


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