Groom’s Guide to Weddings: Practical Tips to Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring means you’re choosing an object that will symbolize the love and commitment you have for the woman of your life. However, this also means that you’re spending a lot of money on a thing that you might find unreasonable for such a hefty price. To make sure your romantic act intertwines with practicality, keep in mind these five considerations when shopping for a proposal ring.


1. Her Style
Notice what she commonly wears at work, when hanging out with friends, or even when staying home. Look at the colours, the fabrics, and the prints and patterns of the clothes in her closet, as well as the shoes and jewelleries she usually wears. While most women can be fickle-minded when it comes to fashion, most women would like to get proposed with diamond engagement rings in Singapore although each of us has our own style that we gravitate towards more often.

2. Her Lifestyle
When searching for the perfect engagement ring, remember that she will be wearing it each day for many years. As much as possible, find a ring that doesn’t require her to take it off to do her daily activities to avoid the risk of forgetting or losing it. Consider her lifestyle. If she’s athletic or a busy type of woman, who often takes care a lot of things with her hands, avoid rings with elevated diamonds. Instead, look for ones with diamonds sunken into the setting.

3. Her Ring Size
Perhaps, this is just a minor detail for many—after all, you can always have the ring resized if it doesn’t fit her well. While this is possible, it’s also important to know that the style and design of the ring plays an important role in determining whether it’s possible to resize or not. Some ring designs are difficult to adjust, which in turn may cost more than getting a ring in the right size; and there are also some that are just impossible to resize at all. It can also be disappointing and a bit discouraging to have the ring sent back to the jeweller after the big proposal.
To know her ring size without her knowing, borrow a ring she typically wears on her left-hand ring finger and bring it to a Singapore jewellery store to serve as your size reference.

4. Protection
Purchasing an engagement ring is an investment. Like buying a car, don’t spend a fortune on a ring that doesn’t come with insurance or warranty. Especially that a ring is small and valuable, consider possible of loss, may it be due to damage, theft, or some strange disappearance (bathroom toilet and sinks are common places to losing diamond rings). Make sure to buy your ring from a trusted jeweller that offers warranty and includes insurance cost to the package.


5. Budget
If you have no idea how much an engagement ring costs, prepare to be surprised; it always costs more than you expect it’s going to be. Fortunately, with today’s technological advancements, it’s easy to find ring design options for every budget. And sometimes, finding the right ring for your price is just a matter of prioritizing different factors.

Figure out how much you can shell out without breaking the bank. Remember that, especially if going for an instalment plan, you’re going to finance for this expenditure long after you are engaged or even after getting married. This could even be the first debt of your married life. Do not put your finances at stake with this purchase.


After the wondrous decision of proposing has been made, the next step is finding the perfect ring to pop the question with. With these tips in mind, searching that special ring for the love of your life won’t have to be as mystifying as you thought it would be.

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