Furniture and Home Accessory Shops in Singapore

While IKEA’s presence here in Singapore is admittedly heaven-sent, sometimes we just want something different to spruce up our home and workspaces. If you’re in the mood for something different, and if your budget allows it, shopping at some of Singapore’s furniture stores can score you your next centerpiece; all you need to have is the right know-how and a keen eye for style. Here are some of the shops that can help you find the next perfect piece for your space.

1. HipVan
HipVan’s selection of laid-back contemporary styles is perfect for those who would like to imbue their home with a casual, easy-going atmosphere. At HipVan, you can choose from a variety of categories to find the perfect piece of your home; their categories include furniture, homeware, and lighting. HipVan even lists all their products online so that you could browse their extensive list of furniture and home accessories from the comfort of your home, which can also help you visualize how an object can fit in your space. They even have an app available for download on both the App Store and on Google Play, so that you can browse their selection on your phone.

2. Artful House
Artful House is the place to go for home accessories with interesting personality. At Artful House, individuality is given high regard; its founders believe that individuality is what makes a piece beautiful and important. Using recycled wood and stained in vibrant colors, you could find breath-taking vintage-style pieces, as well as various contemporary furniture. Artful House also does custom-made furniture, so that you could find the perfect piece completely tailored to your needs.

3. Crate and Barrel
From 1999, Crate and Barrel had been creating home furniture and accessories in the US. They eventually opened international outposts, with an impressive, five-storey outlet at Orchard Gateway. With so much experience behind them, including opening outlets in Canada and Dubai, Crate and Barrel promises great quality woodwork and home accessories. Because of their international presence, you could order their items online and have them shipped to your home if you don’t want to shop at their physical store. With their large collection, they’re bound to have something that will suit your style, from vases to pillowcases, rugs and indoor and outdoor furniture.

4. Departures & Arrivals
For those who like to travel to far-off lands, Departures & Arrivals is the shop for you. This shop sells items that aim to bring the spirit of wanderlust into your home. Departures & Arrivals sources from places all over the world, and is specially curated with a keen eye for detail. Items like the Pagode Lantern and Trivet Sika Tray Tables remind us of far-off places and satiate our wanderlust just until we can hit the road again.

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