Fragrance Tips for Every Man


Even men can master the art of smelling good. Singapore is a humid country and it is a challenge to smell good all throughout the day. The fortunate thing is there are many fragrance tips for every man to consider.


Here are some tips:

  • Forget that cheap body spray: College days include memories of body sprays. When you are employed, it is time that you forget about it and consider an upgrade. Upgrading the fragrance to something more adult will make you more desirable and respectable – just like your dad.
  • Use scents frugally: If your scents are expensive, that is enough reason to use it frugally. Another thing is if you use too much, you might cause uneasiness to the people around you because of the persistent and strong fragrance. The one standing next to you should only smell you not the people on the other end of the lobby.


  • Choose manly scents: Picking a scent is easy – just go for manly scents like sandalwood. The scent will depend on the season and your personality but as much as possibly do away with scents such as gardenia, lavender and vanilla. The safe choice would be musk, wood or leather scents.
  • Keep options open: There is nothing wrong if you decide to wear one fragrance all throughout your career but you have to consider that fragrance evolves. You have to consider other possibilities and new experiments. It is a refreshing thought changing scents every now and then.
  • Smell like you: The point of fragrance should be more of smelling like you. Do not consider fragrance because you want to attract women. If this is your thinking, you will surely reek of a phony and women do not like that. Just smell like you. It can do the trick.


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