Food Safety Tips for Children


It is nice to involve children in all household chores. This will instil responsibility at such a young age. For instance, it is not wrong to let your children help in preparing food. In fact, it is better for the relationship because it can serve as your bonding moment. Involving your kids in the kitchen is better than letting them play or watch them have tantrums.


Before getting their help, you have to introduce food safety first. Singapore is very strict when it comes to food safety so it is beneficial for your kids to learn and appreciate its importance. As a parent and food handler, you have to be strict about food safety because it can be the difference between health and sickness.

Here are some food safety tips that you can instil on your children:

  1. Hand washing: Hand washing is critical. It is not only applicable when handling or preparing for food. As much as possible, teach your child to wash hands as often as possible especially when preparing or handling food. You do not know where their little hands have been so hand washing should be a habit.


  1. Keep hairs away: Hairs are contaminants. Though it is not that detrimental, the fact remains that it is a foreign object and it can be the host to different food-borne illnesses. The best way to keep hairs away is to tie it so it will not fall into their eyes or in the food.


  1. Supervise anyway: Never leave kids unsupervised in your kitchen. You do not know what they will do with that spare whip cream or reachable knives. There should always be an adult to supervise the kids. Remember to keep sharp objects out of their reach and stoves too!


  1. Look for kid friendly tools and utensils: There are many kid friendly tools and utensils available in the market these days so you will not have a hard time looking for one. Instead of giving them kitchen shears or knives, why not look for a small knife. When it comes to pot holders, make sure to secure small pot holders so kids can handle hot pots easier. For utensils, there are mixing spoons, spatulas and brushes designed for kids.

Remember that if you give your child something to do, he/she will feel appreciated and valuable member of the family. Do not aspire for your child to do well in the kitchen though. The fact that they are offering their hand is a good gesture and it should be treasured.


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