Famous People in Singapore

Celebrities are people who are famous in a particular place. In Singapore, famous person have different traits on how they show off to people. There are many showbiz people who care for their fans. On the other hand, there are some celebrities who don’t care of the people around them. Despite this, the love of people to celebrities cannot be replaced. The talented celebrities below are the must-watch individuals:


String Queen

Min Lee is one of the best violinists in Singapore that has showed her exceptional talent in the whole world. She has been nicknamed as the poster girl of classical music. She acquired her talent since the time she held the violin when she was only two years old.

With the potential seen by her parents, they give Lee proper education about violins by enrolling her to Yale University. After that, she has a very unforgettable performance together with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Prague Chamber Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and many more.


Natural Beauty

Nadya Hutagalung’s beautiful face is one of her assets to become popular. However, what made her more popular is the creation of Green Kampong wherein she is the founder. It is an organization that promotes environmental consciousness. In Singapore she is the ambassadress for the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour.

Walking Dictionary

Hubert Wee is tagged the walking dictionary because of his extraordinary skills in the scrabble game. If there is any position that is higher than scrabble master, that is Hubert Wee.

Actually, there are a lot of famous people in Singapore and these are only few of the many people that need to be recognized.


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