Efficient Money-Saving Tips for College Students

Let’s face it, most college students live on a tight budget. While there is a temptation to splurge on outings (after class) and drinks (together with the rest of your block), you cannot always give in to these invitations especially with lots of book fees and other requirements.

Although this frugal lifestyle is nowhere near easy, there are tips as to how you can be smarter in spending your money. Being fully aware of where you spend every dollar is one key to attain financial success in the long run.
Buy/rent used text books

Textbooks in college are notorious for costing way too much or too expensive for your budget. That said, it is better for you to consider used text books instead. You can also opt to rent them since these books are generally good only for a brief period of time (a semester or so). You can definitely save a lot of money that way.

Sell last semester’s books
If you’ve come to a point where you already hoard a number of old books in your residence unit, you might as well consider selling them. Used books not only help other students, but it also helps you gain additional profit. You can use the extra budget to buy new books required for the brand new semester or add them to your personal savings.

Don’t make impulse purchases
Before you buy something, consider asking yourself if you really need it or not. Deliberate on it back and forth before you cash out. Only buy the things that are considered necessary, and only splurge on your purchases when you have the extra money to do so.

Limit the times you dine out
Eating in restaurants may be efficient and delicious, but the costs only add up over time. It is better to limit the times you decide to eat out – and learn how to cook meals at your residence unit instead. This allows you to develop your cooking skills, one of the most important life skills you must learn at your age.

Avoid falling into vices
You are at an age where you must take good care of your body (if you want to live long and healthy). It is then important to step away from the temptation of vices, since they’re both bad for your health and your personal budget. Vices such as drinking and smoking may be a relief from all the university stress, but it only deteriorates yourself after all that drunken haze and nicotine boost is gone!

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