Celebrations to Look Out For

If you miss having a public holiday, then you don’t have to wait for long because there are a lot of festivals and events in store for you in days to come. You can start celebrating by participating in any of the following events:

Mosaic Music Festival

An event for music aficionados, Mosaic Music Festival is an annual music festival that is held at Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay. The festival lasts up to 10 days. It features a wide range of musical genres that will surely satisfy you. Performances will surely soothe and relax you. The performers are both local and international artists. Make sure to secure your tickets before they run out.


Deepavali is a Hindu festival celebrated around the world. Here in Singapore, it is fondly known as the festival of lights, taking place every last quarter of the year. Everyone is welcome to celebrate the festival within Indian communities. You can go to Little India and witness the explosion of colours and lights. There are many exhibits, bazaars, parade, concert, flowers and food. Get your hands painted with henna if you want to feel the moment.


Thaipusam is a Hindu Festival that falls in the middle of January. It is the marching of Hindus seeking for blessings, fulfilling of vows and expressing gratitude. If you want to join the festival, you can join it with a friend or a devotee. If you want to support your friend, you should get ready for a 4.5 kilometre walk from Sri Srinivasa Temple to Sri Thendayuhapani Temple.

Hong Bao

Hong Bao is linked with Chinese New Year. It is a monetary gift that symbolizes good luck. The festival will feature calligraphy, riddle games and good food. You can also witness float and lantern parades.

Festivals are just in the corner waiting for you, so mark your calendar for them. You need to enjoy other things beside your work. Get out, meet new people and enjoy the world. Festivals and events are a start.

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