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Collecting Video Games for Beginners

Some gamers prefer to keep their games instead of selling used ones to get new titles. But the maintenance and the cost of building an impressive collection will need a lot of time, effort, and money.

How do you start building your collection and what do you need to keep them in good condition for years?

Don’t Forget to Research

Most dedicated gamers are familiar with the history of video games and the different platforms, but for those who want to collect vintage games and consoles, it’s important to know which items you’re supposed to get and what to look for in each.

Take note of the features, especially with retro consoles, so that you don’t end up spending money on something that you can’t use. You might also want to look for a reputable electronic repair shop in Singapore that is experienced with old video game consoles in case you need to have one of your items repaired or cleaned.

Set a Budget

Spend your money wisely when buying used or new titles, unless you’re just collecting games for the sake of displaying them. Maybe you don’t need that exclusive edition because you’re not a big fan of the franchise, or maybe you’re already hard-pressed to make ends meet.

Gaming is fun, but you should not starve yourself just to get a special edition that you’re not going to play anytime soon. Set a limit to how much you’re willing to spend and do not buy a ton of games that you won’t be able to play for months. Unless you’re looking for rare titles, you’re not going to run out of copies, so relax!

Don’t Buy Randomly

It could be tempting to fill up a shelf with some of the popular titles you can find, but you should not spend on games that are only good for display. Starting your own collection means that you need to define what your preferences are and to use your budget wisely by purchasing only the titles that you’re interested to play.

Trying to collect everything you can get your hands on defeats the purpose of building that collection, and you might also end up buying defective or fake products if you fail to test them. Start small with a list of titles you want to play, or you can start by purchasing a personal computer or one console and browse through some of the exclusives.

You Should Know What to Look For

If you’ve done your research, then you should be able to tell which items are worth buying. When shopping for accessories, consoles, games, and other gaming items, keep in mind its functionality, condition, extra features, and its accessibility to use the item. For example, do not buy retro consoles if you cannot purchase games to play it with. Inspect the items thoroughly for any damage especially if you’re buying second-hand items, and know how to spot fake goods by knowing what extra items should come with the product.

The 12 Best Turn-Based RPG

If you have a lot of time to spare and can’t be bothered trying to defeat enemies in real time, then turn-based games are for you. As the name implies, you will be taking turns attacking or defending or casting spells until you or the enemy has zero hit points.

Here are 12 of the best turn-based RPGs to get you started.

XCOM 2 (2016)

If you enjoyed XCOM: Enemy Unknown, then you need to play this sequel, which covers events two decades after the first game. Unfortunately, the military organization that was supposed to fight off an alien invasion has lost the war and are forced into pockets of resistance.

The Banner Saga (2014)

Anyone who is a fan of the Norse myths will love this game. It focuses on a caravan of humans trying to fend off the Dredge. The humans are led by two playable characters whose destinies are determined by the player’s decisions.

Sacred (2004)

Players can choose from six playable characters from different races. Each skill, item, and rune for that character are also unique. The goal is to find the five elements to defeat the Sakkara demon.

Darkest Dungeon (2016)

If you want a mix of both turn-based and real-time combat, then this is the title for you. The goal is to take care of your roster of 25 heroes to improve their combat skills but to keep them physically and mentally strong throughout the game.

Ys I & II (2007)

This is a compilation of the first two games of the series which tells the story of Adol Christin whose mission it was to look for the Books of Ys.

Wild Arms 3 (2002)

This game introduces players to Virginia Maxwell whose goal it was to explore a desert planet. Following an attempted robbery, however, she and her newfound friends found out about the ancient war that took place.

Octopath Traveler (2018)

The player controls one of the eight travelers at a time, making this an ideal game for players who love to replay. Each character has a unique origin story and abilities.

Legend of Dragoon (1999)

The game is set in the warring nations of Endiness where the player controls Dart Feld and his companions. The combat uses both turn-based and real-time attacks which allow the player to deal more damage.

Suikoden (1995)

The game includes up to 108 companions and has two types of battle systems to keep any player entertained for weeks. The series is set in the Scarlet Moon Empire which is loosely based on the novel Shui Hu Zhuan.

Grandia III (2005)

Yuki just wanted to be the best pilot, but his meeting with Alfina changed everything. In this game, players need to take note of the distance and timing when executing their attacks.

Chrono Trigger (1995)

What makes this game interesting is the ability to travel to different timelines throughout Earth’s history. The story begins in the year 1000 when the player is introduced to the six characters, including Crono.

Xenogears (1998)

This introduction to the Xeno series follows Fei Fong Wong’s quest to overthrow Deus. The player is required to master the different martial arts combos.

The 5 Best Video Games of 2015


We Asians have always been known to be avid video gamers so much that some of the best competitive gamers come from Asia. And, as with all endeavors, new games are released every year. For 2015, these are the games we believe are the best yet.


  1. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The Metal Gear Solid franchise has been around for a very long time that it has seen several generations of the Playstation console. This latest installment follows MGS’s main gunner, Snake (voiced by Kiefer Sutherland) together with his men, on a mission in Afghanistan back when the Soviet War was still going on.


  1. Batman: Arkham Knight

The Arkham series of Batman games have all been hits ever since Arkham Asylum. The final game in the Arkham series is just as good as its predecessors as Arkham Knight will conclude the cape crusader’s ventures in the city of Arkham.


  1. Mortal Kombat X

Anyone who loves the most violent and brutal way to finish off an opponent enjoys playing this classic fighting game franchise. Mortal Kombat X retains all of its predecessor’s characters plus some more. It is also just as brutal, gory, and bloody as all of the other Mortal Kombat games.


  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This is the third installment to the massive open world hack and slash Witcher franchise. The latest game in the series offers an even wider world to explore filled with more beasts and side quests that would take several days off of your lifespan to enjoy. Oh, and of course, the graphics are amazingly rich no matter what platform you use.


  1. Bloodborne

From the people who brought you Dark Souls, Bloodborne retains some of its ancestor’s features while adding more complexity and allure to the game. This gothic game follows the exploits of a Hunter going against beasts that were once human. The numerous beasts in the game hone’s the player’s ability to read patterns and use several fighting styles which actually improve reflexes.