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Improving the Lives of the Poor


Improving the lives of the poor and the less fortunate should be in the hearts of all people. Poverty is a global issue. Singapore is not the only country who is dealing with it. No matter how rich we are, we are still dealing with poverty. We have needy brothers and sisters waiting for our help. It is important that we help them. Our small actions can make a big difference.

As a start, there is a programme here in Singapore that helps the needy families get by. The programme is called Community Vouchers Programme. It was launched in June 2012. This programme gives S$40 of vouchers to families. The families can then exchange their vouchers with food and other stuffs in participating food stores and retail establishments.


The programme received commendations thereby the expansion. On December 29, 2013, there were fifteen families who benefitted free vouchers at the Rivervale Plaza launching. The recent expansion includes seventeen food and retail merchants. It was Teo Chee Hean, the Deputy Prime Minister who spearheaded the giving of the vouchers.

According to the CDC (North East Community Development Council), as of December 2013, there were about 1000 families who benefitted from this programme and it will continue to expand. There are other plans to extend the programme apart from the North East area.

It is difficult to meet both ends. The struggle of the needy people should never be ignored because it is the reality. If you cannot give money or donations, you can help improve the lives of other people by giving your time and your effort. It will surely not to go unnoticed.



Why Accounting Software is Important?

Did you know that accounting software can already be your business’ entire accounting department? Who would’ve thought that you can save a lot of time in completing accounting tasks?


For Singapore establishments, accounting department is among the most important parts of a company. This department manages and keeps track of the marketing, sales, payrolls, receivables, operations, financial documents, and monitors the financial status of the company. All these concerns can be very tiring and time-consuming when handled manually. But with accounting software, keeping track and updating your book keeping operations can be as easy as pie. Here are more functions that the software can do to your company.

  1. Single software platform makes easier monitoring

When you make use of a single Singapore accounting software platform, you can easily monitor financials, projects, manufacturing, service management, supply chain, sales and marketing, and all business operations in a single platform. Incorporating business functions will simplify and automate almost all daily entry that is usually made in independent departments. Managers can enter data that will enable faster release of invoices.


Automating bank settlements can help significant amount of time when working on month- or quarter-end books. All these features can greatly increase productivity and save time in every department that utilizes the software. Moreover, the automated procedure reduces the possibilities for human errors; therefore, less time is spent in fixing erroneous data and more time for completing important tasks.

  1. Keep financial records organized

Keeping track of financial expenses is the most important matter in any type of business in Singapore. Since most people have this common problem of throwing away or misplacing statements and receipts of transactions, employing accounting software can help keep all proofs and records organized. By this, everything are easily available for reports, evaluations, and viewing purposes.

  1. Organize records of clients

Your clients are the bread and butter of your business. Without them, your company won’t generate income. Therefore, it is important to keep all clientele records organize and secure for you future reference. The list of clients you’ve been keeping for years in Outlook, Word document, or on a roll of paper have to be transferred in a file suitable for accounting purposes.

Accounting software have dedicated applications with file formats that allow users to store client information, like contact numbers, credit card numbers, credit terms, and price levels. There are also programs that can be created with custom fields for additional information you want to store.

  1. Easier product inventory records


If a client calls and wants to order bulks of products, you need something that will immediately tell if you can supply it or not. Accounting software can do that task for you. This software can provide updated records of your goods without you leaving your chair. With its ability to automatically update number of goods every time you sell, you can check if your on-hand products are enough to supply every client’s requests through the convenience of your own computer unit.

  1. Accurate evaluation of areas that need to improve

Records of assets and liabilities of a company managed by a business accounting program would guide owners and managers to look for areas where the company needs to improve. By going through account details managed and furnished by accounting software, the owner, together with his managers, could find ways to improve performance and productivity of the company.

Financial Planning Helps to Fight Inflation

Having a financial planning career has assumed great significance in the lives of all people today. Even those who have not heard about financial planning or have hired a financial planner realize that mere saving money is no solution to fighting inflation and price rise, leave alone accumulating to survive in future with dignity.

If you live in Singapore, spending all that you earn in a month is a sure shot way to find yourself and your near ones in problems in future when there is a financial or medical emergency. Even without emergency, there are expenses that raise their head like when your kid goes to take admission in a college or when you have to marry your daughter. There are also diseases and hospitalizations that require lots of money. How does one cope with life?

One can always hire the services of a financial planner. Of course financial planning in Singapore is the best way to go about securing the lives of all family members. There are many who develop cold feet when they hear the phrase as they think it to be a specialized work best handled by professional financial planners. Of course one needs the services of a life insurance agent in Singapore to secure the future of his family members to buy a policy that is suitable for his lifestyle and circumstances, there are many more ways a planner can do financial planning to not only fight inflation but also to arrange for money in future to meet responsibilities and obligations.

No one but you can arrange for financial planning when your son has to take admission in a University or college and the best way to prepare for the time is to start investing in financial schemes that guarantee great returns and are also safe. Mutual funds or stock market, a financial planner will choose what is best for his specific needs and circumstances. It is true that one does not have the time or expertise to know about all the investment schemes or instruments that give good returns on investment.

This is where financial planning advisors in Singapore, also called financial planners and wealth managers come handy. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is one way in a financial planner career to invest a fixed and small amount every month in mutual funds of reputable investment companies to be able to get a large sum in future when one knows there will be need of money.