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How to Ensure Your House Lock is Really Safe

The four most commonly used locks in Singapore are padlocks, deadbolts, knob locks, and cam locks, and what they all have in common is that they all use the pin tumbler lock mechanism.

The pin-tumbler lock mechanism is essentially a set of smaller locks called pin stacks, which can only open when they are pushed with the correct amount of pressure. Once the locks align with the correct key, the plug that holds them together can then be turned with the key and the door opens.

However, a pin-tumbler lock has the downside of being one of the easiest kind to break into with the proper tools, or even with just force. Other types of locks, such as electronic locks, are more resistant to tampering, although they are still prone to being compromised in some other way.

Even if a 24 hour locksmith service is readily available to repair lock, unpick lock, or just replace it entirely, having to replace faulty locks repeatedly can take up a lot of time. Fortunately, locksmith services can help you tamper-proof your locks at home.

Testing your lock, apart from checking for the tamper-proof signs, is a good way to make sure that it doesn’t get compromised easily.

Having a Locksmith Change Your Home Locks

The easiest and most secure way to have your locks changed is by hiring in Singapore. This 24 hour locksmith will ensure that you have a reliable service within reach at your location at any time of day or night, and whether you get locked out of your house or your car.

Other advantages of calling a 24 hour locksmith in Singapore aside from the convenience include the following:

• Added knowledge of different kinds of locks – Locksmith services extend beyond just repairing and installing new locks. Because locks are changing and becoming more advanced, locksmiths need to stay up-to-date on these new advances that improve home, office, and even car security.

• Varied options – Locks are sorted through different categories and grades depending on how sturdy and tamper-proof they are, and product grades that reflect this quality. However, the locks that are sturdier and more tamper-proof can easily be more expensive than the ones that are lower in quality overall.

A professional locksmith service is more than capable of offer you the best options of door or car locks for keeping your home or car secure.

• Safe, expert lock installation – An expert lock installation service will ensure that not only is your lock placed snugly and securely when you have it installed, but will also ensure that it is tamper-proof.

• Car security – While this isn’t exactly a part of your home, your car is also a major investment—like your home—that needs to be protected at all times. Your car locks are perhaps the only thing that keeps your car safe, including whatever is inside it, from getting stolen and broken into. This makes your car locks crucial, and maintaining them is a way for keeping your car secure.

IT Services Consultant for Your Business

Choosing a reliable information technology consultant for your Singapore firm is a crucial decision. The IT services company you choose would greatly impact the flexibility and productivity of your business. Technology plays an essential role to all kinds of businesses we have today. Laptops, tablets, iPads, and instant messengers have become vital tools for the success of trade and communications with clients, business partners, and co-workers.


But, what do you think will happen if the email goes down? Or your laptop fails and lost all your important files and data? This is when information technology consultant becomes a necessity. It is in times like these that big, or even small, Singapore establishments need reliable IT partner who can efficiently help to reduce system downtime. You probably think that expertise is the number one criteria. Though it should be a deciding factor, an IT company’s customer services should also be given equal importance. After all, what is a professional when you can’t contact him to fix critical IT problems?

Difference of IT Partner and an IT Vendor

Though they may sound the same, there’s really a big difference between an IT support company that agrees to be your IT partner and an IT consultant that is just a third-party vendor selling services and applications to your business.

With a leading IT services provider in Singapore, arranging an appointment for an on-site visit to fix some network issues usually takes several hours before you get a confirmation. Most probably, your scheduled appointment would be after a few days or a week because all their staff is working on an IT issue in a major firm, and you will have to operate with a defective system until your scheduled on-site visit.

On the other hand, working with an IT partner means having specialized services designed to cater the needs of your company. An IT partner provides a customer service model that shows their long-term plans and goals for your IT system and focuses on integrating ways to promote business growth. A reliable information technology partner takes the time to know the ins and outs of the system and operations. They know and understand you’re your network’s requirements, and they won’t simply provide that but also offer advices to aid your company’s growth.

Overall, an IT services partner provides much more than installation of services – they are an extension of your business.


Reasons to Implement an IT Services Solution

The benefits of implementing information technology solutions are endless, but the tops benefits of having a managed IT system include:

1. Decreased Technology Risks. With an information technology partner, you won’t have to worry about losing trained staff members, or about implementing, replacing, or repairing complex network solutions.

2. Expertise of Specialists. Benefit from the professional skills and knowledge of the specialists without spending much time and financial resources to train staffs to become experts.

3. Experience Up-to-Date Applications. Information technology companies have access to the latest technology applications and solutions without investing on expensive equipment.

4. Improved Staff Efficiency. Employing information technology services means that your employees aren’t tied up with IT problems. Thus, they have more time to perform their tasks that are greatly beneficial for your business.

5. Ultimate Control to Business Operations. Without the need to manage an IT department, you’ll have more time to focus on what you do best: managing your business operations.


The Things You Need to Know About Spyware


When you hear spyware, you will think that it is a tool of the government to gather and collect intelligence. It does not work that way. Spyware is an advertising tool. There are people who refer it as adware. If spyware or adware is installed in your computer, it will continuously send you pop-up ads. There are other spyware that will direct you to a particular website. Some use spyware to monitor your web activities.

It does not stop there because extreme spywares can exactly track the keys that you hit and attackers may use this for their cruel intentions. Spywares can cause your computer to be sluggish. If you are concerned about this, you should know different things about spyware. Here’s an idea:

Identifying Spyware

You have to determine if the spyware is present in your system. You should look out for the following symptoms –continuous pop-up messages, redirected to other website even if you clicked a different one, unexpected toolbars appearing, unexpected icons appearing, changing of browser’s home page, keys start to fail, random error messages appearing and the sluggishness of the computer. If you notice these things, you should act immediately before it is too late.

Preventing Spyware

Thankfully you can prevent the installation of spyware. Sometimes, you install the spyware unknowingly or unintentionally. You have to be careful about this. You should practice security measures to prevent spyware from destroying your computer. You should avoid clicking on pop-up window links. Apart from that, you have to select “no” when you are asked question. You also need to be conscious of the software you can download for free. More importantly, avoid following links that claim or offer anti spyware. In addition, experts would recommend adjusting the browser preferences by limiting cookies and pop-up windows.

Removing Spyware

You should not worry because spywares can be removed. If you do not know how, you can ask your friends or computer experts to help you. If you want to do it personally, the first thing that you should do is run a scan on your computer with the help of your antivirus programme. If you have a software designed to take care of the spyware, you should consider it. When you consider a product, make sure it is legitimate. The last thing that you should do is make sure that your anti spyware and your antivirus software are compatible to function properly.

You should be careful with your computer. Spywares are destructive and it can steal your identity if the attacker wills it.