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Things to Teach Your Puppy

So you just got a new puppy today and now you’re wondering what to do next. Here are things to teach your puppy so you can both have wonderful years ahead together.

Toilet Training

If your puppy will be spending most of its time indoors, then teaching him where to poop or pee is necessary. A puppy can’t hold his bladder or bowel for long unlike dogs. Assign an area, preferably outside the house, where it can do its business. Start by training the puppy to poop after meals. Take it outside early morning and check every half hour if the puppy needs to poop or pee.

Leash and Collar Training

The first step to walking your puppy is to get it used to having a collar on. It will fuss and try to take it off, but give it a few days and the collar won’t bother the puppy anymore. Next, let it get used to seeing a leash before teaching it what it’s for. Don’t use the leash as punishment. It’s important to walk your puppy regularly to let it socialize.


Your first few tries will involve correcting the puppy’s behavior. Let it wander naturally the first time. That way the puppy will get used to its surroundings. Don’t pull or push too hard. On your next walk, use signals on the leash. Use tension if you need to correct a behavior. Praise the puppy every time it does something correctly.

House Rules

Let the puppy know which areas of the home it’s allowed to roam. This will take some time and a lot of corrections. Be firm but gentle. Everyone at home should also set the same consistent rules to avoid confusion. Assign a sleeping area for the puppy like a crate or a dog bed.

Feeding Habits

Puppies get excited during meal times. They have a tendency to jump up, take a bite out of the treat still in your hands or run around and get stepped on. Keep a consistent feeding schedule. Give him the bowl once he calms down a bit.

Chewing Habits

Puppies are still teething so they have a tendency to chew. Keep small items away from its reach and everyone should avoid placing their hands in the puppy’s mouth even if it’s just play-biting. Buy the puppy a chew toy or bone.

Crying and Howling

Puppies cry when they are left alone. To avoid getting your puppy anxious, let it get used to being left by itself. When you leave and it cries, don’t come rushing back because it will take that as a sign that it can control you. When it stops crying, come back and praise it.

Obedience Training

There are tricks you can teach your puppy yourself. You don’t have to be an expert trainer, just make it a daily habit. Using treats will also make it easier. Basic commands like “come,” “sit,” and “stay” are easy to teach.